the departed


i seriously have no idea what i’m teaching my students tomorrow. i have a vague idea, but really, not really. day lights saving is screwing with my head. it seriously has all day. i blew a fuse while blow drying my hair, which caused my cable box to go bizerk and for all my clocks to go bye-bye. i can’t believe its 10pm. i can’t believe i’m watching the departed for like the 3rd time today. I love this movie. i made an awesome chili, maria for new mexico’s southwestern chili. but vegetarian, so it had far less calories then the one in the linked blog. nothing much really happened today. i almost missed mass, but went, and it was great. i love it more and more each time that i go. i made half a dozen parent phone calls, and was only able to contact 2 of the 6 parents. i bought super glue to fix a broken momento from jamaica, and a bag of m&m’s (my last…it knocked me on my ass tired) instead of spending large bucks on skin care. i figured i’d ask my sister too hook me up with quality skin care instead of me investing in drugstore quality goods. i don’t know why i’m suddenly so cheap. i think its my up coming trip to new orleans this friday. i’m trying to be conservative. i think i will try to catch mass in new orleans while i’m there. i fly back into LA on monday. i can’t believe spring break is here. i can’t believe i have no real plans. that’s this week’s goal: make plans for spring break.

i can’t believe its almost 11. shower, bed, here i come.


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  1. This springing forward an hour really bites something nasty. An hour lost has really thrown me for a loop this year. Need more coffee.

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