New Orleans 2008


I enjoy working for a district that allows me to travel for work. I spent the weekend in New Orleans for the ASCD conference. I flew down with my principal and my friend/coworker. We had a blast. The conference was so-so. I mean really, it was just work in a different place, a really cool different place. We ran into people from Franklin and had a great time hanging out and taking in the French Quarter. Elizabeth and I spent a lot of time trying to navigate our principal. Its hard to explain, so I won’t even try. Let’s just say, she’s complicated. I ran into an old TFA buddy, adrienne, not once, but twice. we caught up and have decided to keep in touch at least once a month. I’ve now got a head cold, and am slightly disoriented, but i’ll try to run through the events of this weekend as well as i possibly can.

*Spent all day in transit. 6am-6pm, whether it be driving to long beach to carpool to the airport, or flying from LA to Dallas-Fort Worth to New Orleans, it just wouldn’t end. I lost my watch some where in all the insanity, which actually caused me to go into mourning for my watch. It sounds silly, but I loved that watch, and it was my first real peice of jewelry, so when I realized it was missing I was so sad. It felt like i had a phantom watch on…i kept feeling its presence, then would to to touch my wrist and it wasn’t there.
*Dinner at a steak and lobster restaurant that had a man who played the saxophone, keyboard, and flute. i had blackened catfish and veggies (which you know, white fish tastes like whitefish and all other whitefish) and the most amazing chocolate mousse. Sevilla and consuegra had ordered a lobster for two meal that came with dessert, so i kinda felt the pressure to order desert as well. the waiter said it was Kahlua chocolate mousse, but when it came out it looked like cake. i was kind of bummed and said, “oh…its a cake.” and he said, “try it.” oh my! it was amazing. Sevilla and I died and then spent the rest of the weekend dreaming about that cake.
*attended a concert at the house of blues where i noticed two things: the women in Louisiana have asses like i’ve never seen. You know that line in that P.Diddy song, “shake ya tailfeather” is that your ass or is your mama half reindeer…well, shit. Those words are the truest thing i’ve ever heard. GOODNESS gracious. Tiny waists with large asses. i’ve never seen anything like it. We saw the performer Trey Songz and Jay Holiday. I was more impressed by the musicians in Jay Holiday’s band then I was by Jay Holiday.

*Conference day 1. Whatever.
*Breakfast at Fluer-de-Lis, a little hole in the wall restaurant that served hashbrowns with cheese and sausage. American cheese shouldn’t count as cheese. Its inedible outside of sandwiches. Then we went back and took a nap.
*Dinner with the spouses of friends. Walter and John are married to Monica and Mari. There was also Kevin, John’s brother, and we did some walking and was shut out of every other restaurant we came upon in the french quarter. there also happened to be 13k educators in the immediate area, so you know…we ended up eating at a place with a name that I can’t remember (i’d had 1 margarita on our way there–drinking in the street is allowed there). I had Jambalaya, which was good. Then we managed to get together with our other Franklin Friends: Rich, Lindsay, and mari. We walked and walked and walked, before stopping into a hole in the wall place for our first Hurricanes. *Hurricanes are like hummingbird juice mixed with nyquil…not good.
*We stopped by Preservation Road for an abbreviated jazz show (John thought the show started at 11, but it ended at 11). It was amazing!
*We headed over to Pat O’Brien’s, where the original Hurricane was created. no one could understand why I stopped at 2 drinks (one maragarita, one hurricane) while they drank like fishes. It was all gross tasting. and because its all seriously full of sugar, and I couldn’t do it any more. I ran into an old friend whom I knew when I first started out in LA.
*around 1 we had beignets, french donuts, and hot chocolate before heading back to the hotel.

*Breakfast at Palace Cafe. Delicious. I had a skillet breakfast of hash, hashbrowns, and eggs. Delicious! A jazz band played on the winding steps.
*Conference Day 2. bleh.
*Dinner with Mari and John led to Sevilla and I getting completely turned around and lost. It also landed us in a jewlery store where I bought an emerald bracelet to replace the lost watch, and the guy behind the counter gave us a clue about our futures– which i’m seriously hesitant to discuss. Drama drama drama around dinner. Lots of walking ended with us stopping into to various bars on Frenchmen St. and eventually in a bar where a band played jazz well into the night. At one point in the evening a man just showed up with a trumpet and joined the band! when we left the bar there were acapella singers just getting down in the street. I ran into my old friend again and we agreed to keep in contact at least once a month…then we drunk dialed a bunch of people!

*Breakfast at Fluer de lis cafe again, where we learned that our flight had been cancelled and rescheduled for the next morning. At my insistence we went to the airport (after putzing around waiting from our principal to get off the katrina tour) and got that shit straightened out so that they worked it out so that we could get squeezed into the tail end of a much earlier/later flight.
*When we made it to LA at midnight, my luggage decided to be elsewhere. I waited until 1:17am, but finally filed a missing luggage claim, and headed home. It arrived on Tuesday.

I now have a wicked cold, and the pollution from new Orleans is trying to escape from my pores. I look horrible, and spent all day yesterday laying in bed. I only feel relatively better because I went out today to find my Easter outfit with Denise, and to try on hats at Sonja the hatmaker’s shop on Crenshaw. There were some amazing hats! I just can’t bring myself to spend $160 on an amazing hat. I haven’t done it yet…I spent like 2 hours in Banana Republic trying on clothes tonight and still only walked away with a shirt, skirt, a tank and a pair of earrings. I tried on like 12 pieces. Tomorrow, I go and look for a new bra. not that you needed to know that. now, i’m just headed to bed.


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