Maxim and Spring break


so, apparently sarah jessica parker was voted unsexiest woman by maxim magazine. here’s the commentary clip from cnn. I, personally, think she looks like a witch. I believe I’ve made that point before in a different blog entry. I didn’t think she looked great during Sex and the city- i didn’t even think she was a great dresser, a “fashionista,” as the nice women in the clip call her, she was not. but what do i know…i have no head for fashion that occurs during this century. I just don’t find her that attractive. I think the CNN commentator Jessica Weiner is way hotter then SJP. All the women in tihs clip are sexier then SJP. however, I have to give SJP props for not being the “botoxed, big boobed, liposucked fantasy” of men who write for men’s magazines. we’re all just way too old for that.

i gorged today on sushi. Oatmeal and sushi. Its a good balance, and at least it wasn’t fried, baked, or filled with sugar. I got a lot of work accomplished today. A lot, in comparison to what I did yesterday (which was drink, eat, and nap). I had some feedback to synthesize, then I went to get gelato only to find that the gelato place is closed on mondays, so i went to the library and read there fore a while. I then headed to the sushi place where I had two sushi rolls– a rainbow roll and a spicy tuna roll– because I was bored and hadn’t eaten since breakfast. YUMMY. I love sushi. Then i traveled over to Target, and found a pair of black leggings, a pair of muscle shirts, some ointment for my face, and mascara. I know… really cared. Thanks.


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  1. SJP is so over rated, and yes she does look like witch, she was after all in the movie Hocus Pocus where she looked better as a witch than without the makeup. It must be the nose.

    Ah sushi, I can live off that kind of food daily and have no desire for anything else. What are the black leggings for?

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