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so, you can’t say i didn’t try. i actually got out of my house and attempted to do a) laundry, b)study and c)go to a bible study. I didn’t have enough cash on me to do my laundry, I did study and figured out that domestic violence can lead to post traumatic stress disorder (its for my abnormal psychology class), and even attempted to go to the bible study group. i am becoming a social recluse. i had to talk myself into getting out of my chair (with help from maggie and cliff) and go out to my car, and to drive up vermont, and to find my way into the church parking lot, and to look at all the buildings and to find one with a light on (at this time I’d called and talked to both maggie and my mom) and then i really had to push myself to ring the doorbell to the one building with lights on, and when the nice lady opened the door i told her that I was a little nervous about going to see whether or not the meeting on teh 2nd floor was the meeting I was looking for and she volunteered to go with me, and we wen tup to find out that it was not the bible study meeting, and that the bible study group hasn’t met for weeks- possibly months- and then told me about the St. Vincent DuPaul group that is fairly active. Can you see how I am going nuts? I should be sitting in a- what do they call them- straight jacket. or at least cleaning my house. Or doing laundry. anything but sitting here and watching TV. what is wrong with me?

What is wrong with adults who think its appropriate to consider modeling as a viable career dream. who am i to squash someone else’s dream though. i have two friends who wanted to be actors…and are now doing it. isn’t that crazy? Like, they had a dream, and are going after it. The only dreams I have are about sleeping and waking up somewhere different. possibly a different life. too bad i can’t narrow it down when I’m awake.


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  1. Girrrlll, I went through the same problems (and at times still do). I can’t “bring” myself to actually do anything, especially on the weekends. I look at the long list of things I need to accomplish and on Sunday I look and I haven’t crossed off a single thing. I have managed to complete was: eating, sleeping, watching tv, and cleaning.

    I’m blaming it on the weather

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