nice work if you can get it


i got a phone call from a salesman trying to get me to sign up for a time share in vegas. fucking Zarate, who gave them my number, whore of a man. that is not work that i would want. he tried to sell me on the fact that teachers get the entire summer off, to which i replied, “no, we don’t” because all the teacher I know work all summer long to make the bills. but,you know, what do i know, I only teach.

Things I like:
1. waking up and finding cable that I don’t pay for
2. the food network
3. being fit
4. sunshine

Today I went and played tennis with Esther. Esther, who graciously taught me how to play tennis (ie how to hit a ball, how to serve a ball) and then took me out for lunch because I picked up her and the girlfriend from the airport on Tuesday. I love moving around and running and jumping. Its what i live for. i even went to aerobics tonight. see, that’s how much i love that whole running, moving, jumping thing. Esther also inspired me to go to the library and work on my statement of intent- which is apparently due on Tuesday- for grad school. It was a perfectly wonderful day. Tennis, salad, gelato, work, aerobics, dinner. YUM. I still haven’t done my laundry. Argh. Whatever. I still have underwear.

I like how occasionaly I have brilliant moments of understanding. For example, I went home and realized that I’d spent most of my life trying to look and be someone else, when who I was and who I am is just fine. i actually picked up a picture of mine and said, “huh, you were rather cute then” cuz i was, I just didn’t realize it. i came to realization to day that I am living my life now in attempts to right every wrong or every ill thought/feeling that i had when i was in high school. how weak is that? i’m glad that I had the wherewithall to have this realization while I’m just 26, so that I can go about thinking about life in a different way. If things are going to be different, you have to do things differently. next: how i picture my future.


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