8th world wonder


Friday night was intense. I hung out with Esther after a day of home visits, orthodontic posturing, and naps. She was having a hard time with her girlfriend, and her roommate frequently goes to these dinner parties in Beverly Hills. So, we jump inthe car, buy a bottle of Lemoncello (though we didn’t realize that’s what it was, we just thought it was a fruity mix/liquer) and headed over. I didn’t expect the place to be in Beverly Hills. I also didn’t expect to walk into the most amazing condo I have ever seen. Even the hallways had these amazingly high ceilings, with amazing molding, mirrors, and light fixtures. Inside of the condo had STAIRS! amazingly high cielings, incredible appliances, well decorated, the home of my dreams. It was a lesbian affair, so everyone was like, “Are you gay?” and though the hostesses were hot enough for even me to have sex with, i always feel awkward being surrounded by a different type of minority. i wonder, is this the way a white person feels when surrounded by a different group of minorities? I felt the need to apologize for my liking having sex with men. so i made up this story about being incapable of having relationships with men and women…and that I should probably get a dog. I just feel an inordinate amount of pressure, like its not hard enough being black…but i’m black and straight. WTF. There were 4 Asian/API girls, 2 mexican-esque girls, 2-3 white girls- one who was an inordinately hot German-swede. Alas, only myself, the older woman visiting from New Jersey and her daughter were the only straight ones…hmmmm…its like when I would align myself with the white kids at Franklin because everyone else on campus was Latino or Asian, but mostly Latino, so it was me, and the 2.3 white kids, and the 1.8 black kids.

anyway, Pascaul (the chinese Parisian) and Nicole/Simone/Nicollette (the german swede whose name I can’t remember) made an amazing spread that included cous-cous, chicken from Bristol Farms, sausage, warm spinach salad, and a mozzarella-tomato salad. We mixed the Lemoncello Liquer with vodka before realizing that it was 32% liquor in itself, so we mixed it with orange juice and cranberry juice, which immediately went to our heads. Don’t worry this story does not end with me making out with anyone. Get your head out of the gutter.

We ended up at Girl-Bar…which is the real life version of the fictional bar SheBar on the L-Word. It wasn’t too bad. Its the backside to the Factory, where me and the gay boys typically do Popstarz. Its the type of place where a $12 cover comes with happy hour discount drinks until 11pm, and girls on poles. Its like the Rumjungle, but filled with girls who are femme, girls who are masculine, girls who look like Matt Damon, girls who looked like a creepy parody of a character from Kids in the Hall. They kept playing their DVD of Dinah Shore a yearly lesbian extravaganza in palm springs. a few things that i’ve learned about lesbians this weekend: 1)meth and being skinny like a tweeker is a favored look amongst those who are willing to bare it all in the sun and fun and 2)see revelation #1. It was nice just to dance without being molested, but again, that experience isn’t new being that i’ve danced with gay boys without being felt up, and in the VIP section in certain bars in Vegas without being unwillingly felt up.I like that dancing is starting to feel like a safe pass time. I want to go again this weekend for my birthday, but not in WEHo. I think that apart of me doing something different means spending less time in WEHo. Not that I don’t love it there, but if I don’t start surrounding myself with men who could want to have sex with me, then I won’t know how to behave around men who want to have sex with me…which explains all my problems in Vegas, now doesn’t it.

So, we’re dancing, dancing, dancing. Dancing with each other, dancing with strangers, dancing. And hten I go to the bathroom…when I exit the bathroom, who is on the stage. Kimberly Locke. This is the second time I’ve seen her person. The first time was at Popstarz (see the above comment) last fall I think. this time I got much closer. She looked amazing. She looks a little thinner…thinner then I’m sure Lane Bryant would like her to be. I whipped out my camera, and got some still photos, as well as some live footage of her singing! If only I could figure out how to load up video from my camera. anyone, anyone? It was a fun night. Dinner parties kick butt.


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