I’m broke


because i want to be, apparently. i’m wearing the souvenier t-shirt i purchased in NOLA, and often find myself wearing the emerald bracelet i bought in NOLA instead of paying myself and putting money into savings. as i approach the age of 27 i realize that now is the time to start thinking more carefully how i use my money and where i spend it so that it goes further. those who know me have probably spent the last three years hearing me say very similar words, or have heard me voice my ridiculous concerns about my students loans, and blah, blah, blah. but now that i’m turning 27, i’m serious!! i’m sitting in my apartment, after a morning of trying to find a place to play tennis (its a holiday, so the courts cost $8/hour, which i find to be ridiculous!) and ended up hitting the ball in the parking lot of LACC. i know i should be out having tea in a coffee shop, but i need to figure out different ways to make that happen. maybe i could walk. i also have errands to run, so maybe i should drive. hmmmm. no, seriously…hmmmmmmm? maybe i should go to the gym now, then run my errands afterwards, which leave me the evening to do things like bake, cook dinner, watch CBS, and finish any work. It is only 2:15pm and Martha Stewart is an odd show to watch. I am also already dressed to move it, move it. Playing tennis in a parking lot on a slant leads to lots of running around! I’m game. Its much better then a nap, I must say!


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