lazy sunday


Its another lazy sunday. I spent last night on Mag’s boyfriend Cliff’s couch because I’d had too much to drink on Saturday night. When I drove home this morning I immediately showered and hopped on my computer to finish my statement of intent for LMU. After that it was all down hill. As you can see, even my use of commas has gotten pretty lazy. Completing my to do list is completely sporadic and I haven’t even started to pick away at my intention of watching every episode of Lost that is available on line. I have started my laundry though, so, you know, YEAH me!

My birthday is next sunday, and I think the thought of entering another year of my life has caused me to slow down living to a damn near stop. I think I’m the last in my group to turn 27 (wait, there is still Shals and sylva) and suddenly all those examples of people getting older kind of apply to me. i am excited for this life, I can’t deny that, especially since I’m starting to push myself more. i’ve got to start placing a lot more value on my life and my interests, and I’m going to stop thinking that I’m such a weirdo. I joined three meet up groups (thanks for the suggestion Shals), and am going on an event this Saturday (the San antonio winery tour). Does anyone want to go to LA Roller Dolls Roller derby on the 12th? Drew Barrymore’s been spotted there. Just wondering…


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