timid yet rocking festivities


So the birthday festivities have begun!! Around 9:30 this morning these beautiful flowers were delivered to me from Maggie!! How awesome is she!! Love HER! these seriously made my day. The counselor pulled me from a classroom, and told me that there was a problem as she led me to the office. And there they were!! I was so excited that i squealed and jumped around in a circle! Then, later that afternoon my family’s gift arrived. My sister sent me Clinique skincare products with a nice card that reminded me that we were getting older, and that it was frightening. My mom and dad sent me the Alfred Hitchcock DVD box set!!! I’ve been asking for this since 2000. my niece sent me a $25 visa gift card. I am headed to a symphony on Sunday, and on Friday and Saturday I will be having my own personal movie marathon. I am hoping to have lunch with friends on Sunday, however, it may be a better idea to put it off until next week, after I get paid. I’m getting older….Crazy. This is the first time when I’ve really felt it. all this talk of health care (my mother and I agreed to get physicals and send each copies of those physicals so that we have some sort of idea about each other’s health) fitness, money, and the future. Goodness. When did I do all this growing up? At least its a great start!! Enjoy the flowers.


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