deep fried margaritas


I’m supposed to be studying. I have a test tomorrow, my third for my psychology class. Goodness. I just got home, washed my face, and vomited a bit. I don’t know why i’ve eaten so much today, but i think its made me a tad bit sick. Bleh. sorry for the grossness. Its what I get for having fried greenbeans, chicken strips, and french fries. What is wrong with me.

I spent the evening at Magic Johnson’s TGIFridays with the new roommates. Yes, that’s right, I’m moving. When? I don’t know…but soon. Not this month for sure. This month is CST time, and June is the last month of school. I’ve been eating horribly this week. HORRIBLY. But i’m trying not to trip. so there. Anyway, they are nice girls, from Washington- where everywhere outside of King and Pierce counties has a 360 area code. They teach middle school, and are younger then me, but mature. Cuz you know how i’m so mature. This is me, still not studying. Pause. I’ll be back. I’m texting with Terri, the roommate who wants to move out- badly. I’m going to move in by June 1st!!! i need to study. Pause.


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