charlie and allen


are the brothers on “Two and a Half Men.” i swear, Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen are simply playing themselves. I’m going to be having wine again to help me write my paper. Yeah, Riesling. I’m tired, and full, but I don’t want to go to tsarbucks because Britney is on “How I Met Your Mother” and I can’t wait! This is me…not doing my paper…deflating from a day at work. I’m still blessed. I’m still in love with Jesus. Today wasn’t nearly as hard or as exhausting as it could have been…and I had one observation, three parent meetings-back to back- one meeting with my program specialist and the school psychologist, and a staff meeting after school. I refilled out my application for the apartment, and spent a few moments at the new place. I’m super excited. Terri will be moved out on Friday. I’m starting to develop social anxiety…no, not really. I actually know what that means now, damn class. I just have to remember: I am enough, because that’s what its all about. I am enough. Terri and I will be having dinner Wednesday to hammer out when I’ll be getting her the deposit. I’ll be able to get it for her by July 1st…that’s when I should have it back from my current apartment…21 days after I move out. I could give her my stimulus check, and let my deposit take its place. I’m simply saving money for this summer either way. Goodness……more writing, less typing…where is my wine.


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  1. I’m wondering what kind of trouble would Jesus get into if he came on the show with Jon and Charlie? I think that’d be a great episode to watch. ;D

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