I’m beat…


but i’m a live…and that’s an everyday blessing.  I went to Mc Donald’s today for an iced coffee, and they handed me a free southern chicken sandwich.  It was fried…not nearly as good as their crispy chicken…but it was chicken, and you know how I feel about that.  I was blessed!  Dinner, taken care of!  I just wanted to stop in and say hi.  I’ve got to hit the sack so that I can wake up early.  I only have two more weeks of class-abnormal psych, not school-and am still alive, and surrounded by people who love me.   I am blessed.


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  1. Dude, the same thing happened to me. I packed up my car yesterday morning but forgot to get breakfast. I stopped at McDonald’s for a Diet Coke. They ask me if I want a fried chicken biscuit. I’m like, “No thanks, just the diet coke.” And they’re like, “Are you sure? It’s free!” It wasn’t that great, actually. The one’s we tried in South Carolina were better. But who turns down free chicken?

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