confession sunday


* I am at my  most productive at starbucks with zero internet access.

*i live for romantic comedies.

*I break technology with a flick of my wrist.

*I love country music- old school: Reba, Garth, Trisha, Tim, and Faith…just a little Faith.

*I love gospel music.

*I do’nt know how to dance with straight boys anymore.  Their “excitement” is quite distracting and uncomfortable.  I just need to practice.

*Even vegetables are best fried.

*Tofu done right is delicious!

*Tofu turned into a “meat” is disgusting.

*I don’t miss pasta (except Macaroni and cheese done southern style.  Everything else is paste.)

*I don’t miss pastries…because I keep eating them.  A lot less then I used to, though, and with full awareness of the consequences.


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  1. I could live off pastries too, but only for a little while. My body would spit out tons of insulin to keep up and shorten my life span to just a year, but at least I’d die happy. Mmmmm, pastries.

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