Deconstructing myself


preparing to move is one of the most tidious things i’ve ever experienced.  I, like many others, hate moving.  This year I’m putting a new spin on things.  I’ve been parring down my ownership of material goods for a while- in the last 3 months I’ve given away more then half the clothes I own, …hold on, lets quantify things:  6 bags of clothing, 2 bags of VHS cassettes, 1 telephone, 1 answering machine, and other trinkets have been given to Goodwill.  Possibly even more then 6 bags of clothing.  there was a day in march when i was just standing in front of my closet with clothes falling on me, and i made the executive decision to rid myself of all clothes that no longer fit, are faded, or i find reprehensible.  as i evolve i de-construct.

I had brunch today with Alex and Rachel.  Its nice to talk to people who: a) knew me before Watts, b)are doing what I’m doing and c)are doing it really well.  They’re a young couple, and are really cool.  its nice to be out doing things on a sunny day instead of falling asleep in my bed because i’m in a bad mood.  Yesterday I waited for a hour past my scheduled appointment time only to be told that I’d need to get a medical release my-doctor – the one i’ve only seen once-due to hid prognosis of me having a heart murmur.  the doctor told me i’d need to get an antiboitic from the dentist before I have any kind of cleaning (i can’t explain why, but i’ve heard this before in  regards to my friend’s dad, so i know its not a quack thing), but the dentist says its something my doctor needs to do or he needs to give me permission to have the cleaning without the antibiotic.  either way, I wasted an hour to only to be told no.  I’m glad to see that they’re all for me not getting really sick from being at the dentist, but really…it pissed me off.  then i went and lost my sunglasses at the grocery store.  Don’t ask me how I did it, i just did. i walked out and they were missing.  like the universe just went and swallowed them whole.  so, frustrated i went home, ate lunch, and watched Jackie brown while laying down.  Good movie.  I snapped out of it, and went out to see Joey’s sketch improv show.  It was soooooo good! SOO GOOD!  then, i went out dancing in Glendale for Liz’s birthday.  I had the best time.  SO, BEST SATURDAY EVER!

But now its sunday.   Sunday means 9am mass- which i wake up for no matter how late I stay up Saturday night.  and today it meant brunch with Alex and Rachel, errand running (I bought a dental pick–i’ll get rid of tartar my damnself!), and sorting through piles and piles of things i own.  I realized that half the things in my storage area belong at school (!)  and the other half is memorabilia.  Denise and i were talking, and she gave me a ton of suggestions about how I can sort through it all.  So that’s my plan for right now.  It will make the packing i do this week that much more bearable.  especially as i find things like my degree holder from LMU.  goodness.  i’ve got a lot of work today.  I think i’ll have some icecream first.


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