packing it in


I haven’t started packing yet.  I unloaded my car at work, and engaged in an exchange with my future landlord about moving into my “new” place.  things weren’t really communicated to her about what’s going on, so when i mentioned to her moving in on the 24th, she responded in an email that wreaked of stress and feelings of not having one’s ass kissed enough for doing her job and thoroughness.  I’ll have to wait until the 30th and the 31st to move in…which really isn’t such a bad idea being that I got home tonight at 9pm, and must make a run to the library tomorrow.  I’m going to sort through some of my personals, and then I’m hitting the sack.  It was so incredibly hot here last night…and now its cooled down enough to be bearable.  the kids are stressing me out…how did i even get through these last four years.  i had Korean Fried Chicken for dinner and hung out with Denise, which is always great.   I found my St. Teresa of Avila pendant, which i will add to my beautiful diamond necklace. okay, no seriously i have to go.


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