I am swimming in memories. I have an entire 66 qt, 62.4 Liter rubbermaid container filled with “collectibles” from storage. A lot of it has been old mailings, car records, and cards. The cards are what I’m having the most fun with! They’re like love letters to me. I can’t even really read them because I get all verclempt. I can’t take a compliment. I can recieve one. I respond properly. But I block that resonating feeling of having been truly touched. that’s what it means to accept a compliment. I feel those feelings, and I stop. Which explains why I haven’t really looked for any of these letters or cards, but I can’t seem to get rid of them either. They’re relationships…but on paper. I’m sure it would mean more if I actually had relationships with these people. Goodness.

The universe is funny…just as I typed that sentence, eating dinner alone in my apartment, I get a facebook message from my future roommate inviting me to dinner. Earlier today I thought to myself, “if you want to write chick lit, then you better start having some dates…”and minutes later I get a phone call from Mr. Not Right. He has 9 kids, but could be a lot of fun if the reception holds up…it sounded like he was calling me from a fax machine. We never did speak. If I put the energy out there, it happens. I love that. I really do.

I also found a St. Jude’s medal given to me at my baptism, along with the St. Teresa of Avila pendant that I never knew I received. I put the pendant on my diamond necklace, and plan on wearing both together. I still have a full crate. I should get back to work. I am hoping to hit the gym by 10.

How likely is it that Jon McCain will win because of the tears he shed over Ted Kennedy’s brain tumor?  I remember how sad my mother was when JFK Jr. died.  Its interesting how easily we can show emotion for people we never knew, but how difficult it is to do so about those who are the closest to us.  I have to wonder what our hearts are made of.


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  1. So I finally got around to coming by this new blog of yours, and I’m eager to add it to my reader so I can keep up with you. If you’re ever my way again, come visit! (And I’ll do the same for you.) For now, we can keep in touch this way!

    Love you babe.

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