Its 12:14AM


and I’m watching Oprah.  She’s talking about this book called Quantum Wellness by Kathy Freston.  There are 8 pillars of wellness that can change your life.  These are just notes I’ve taken from her website and the Oprah show.

1. Meditate- learn to be still.  This is where prayer comes in.  I really like it.

2. Conscious Eating- being aware and awake about what your eating and how it gets to your plate. Give up caffeine, alcohol, gluten, sugar, animal products for 21 days.  hmmmmmmm…lean into it. I should be way better about these things anyway.  Progress not perfection.  I think this may help alleviate the anxiety about weight gain and health.

3. Serve Others-Volunteer when you start to feel down.  I think that’s excellent.  I’ve been thinking about volunteering with the St. Jude’s organization through my church.  I’m seriously blessed, so being turning my thoughts from the inside out will be helpful in times of “emotional sickliness”.  I’ll remember Suze Orman, though, who advises us to serve ourselves also…to take care of our mental and emotional well being first.  Without strength in those areas how can we serve others?

4. Read.  Fill yourself with knowledge

5. Have fun at least once a day (how do you do that!?!- working out doesn’t count!  That’s just saving my life.  Hmmmm…I’ll have to think of that.  I don’t even think I know what that means.  I like to sing and read and eat.  where is the fun?

6. Lean into change- take small manageable steps.

7. declutter and create an area for prayer dedicated to God.

I think i will pick up this book from the library.  Moving will give me a good chance to start over, reinvent my space.  Learn to use my voice.  To tackle the insanity that is moving i put everything that was on my phone onto my bed, and have been forced to deal with all of this stuff because if i don’t I won’t be able to go to bed. Its certainly helped with the anxiety.  i’ve gotten a lot taken care of including putting the clothe I don’t wear into these large zip lock type bags and finding a ton of other clothes that I am donating (two more bags full) to Goodwill.  i think i will keep my microwave and TV in storage for the next time i move.  or maybe not.  who knows.


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