I can’t breathe…i can’t…i swear…okay, i can take real shallow breaths, but still, you knwo what I mean.  All of a sudden I felt this shallow wave of anxiety.  And ya’ll know how I feel about waves…even the smallest ones feel like they’re capable of washing me out to sea.  How is it that I’ve floated in the meditarrean sea, but can’t deal with the pull of anxiety.  I guess they have nothing to do with each other.

I signed my lease today.  I got my clearance forms signed so that I can get my teeth cleaned without fear of heart attack or infection (wha?), and received a refferal to a gynecologist (maybe they can explain to me my complete lack of menstrual cycle for the past 3 months…i’m not complaining…i’m just sayin’).   I’ve  loaded down my car with more stuff, and still feel as if I”ve packed up nothing…NOTHING!  I can’t breathe.  this shit will never end, and I won’t be ready for saturday….okay, I’ll stop right now.  Its counterproductive.  so is all this writing.  i could be studying for my last exam…which will be on Thursday.  I went to the apartment, and I’m back in the small room.  It needs to be vacuumed and dusted, which I think I will do tomorrow before I really start moving in.  I’m taking down the blinds and putting up curtains.  i’m scared that it won’t all fit.  It will.   i want to study.  i want to go to the gym.  how can i do both?  hmmmmm.  I think i also have a cold.  I just couldn’t wake up today.

Has anyone figured out what the hell NCIS is?  I enjoy this show…i just can’t figure out why they’re on the case of serial killer?  I don’t get it.  Maybe this is the same reason I can’t figure out why I feel like i’m not ready to move.  Goodness.  Gracious.  Breathe.


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