moving my butt


Mags has inspired me to move my butt. I threw a whole bunch of my brick-a-brack into a box and well, that has helped me to feel like i’m making some progress. What i shouldn’t have done is have two servings of lemon sorbet. Can some one please explain how 2 servings of lemon sorbet only equates to 20% of my daily recommended value of vitamin c? What! it has lemon in the title for goodness sake. so here’s the plan for moving:


Clean the room

unload the car

dessert with Denise

Load up car one more time!


Stop by apartment and unload car

Final test at LACC

Hit the gym (lord knows I need it)


Take home notebooks for grading

4:30 Orthodontist Appointment

load up car one more time

move bookcases to garage

vaccuum apartment

dust and disinfect

hit the gym one more time (I’m on a roll)


Pick up Uhaul

Load up Truck

unpack truck

Drop off truck

hopefully I won’t have to vaccuum again

Shower, dress, head out to SATC with the girls!


drop off cable box

Turn in keys

How does that sound!? Kind of like a plan? I still haven’t studied or showered! Let me get to it. Thanks for the support.


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