swimming in transition


so, i’m finally in!  I’ve been moved in since Saturday.  Amanda, Maggie, and Cliff came up to Los Feliz and really jumped in head first with helping me move.  I had the goal to be done by 3pm…we were done by 2:30.  Seriously, at 2:24 we were all  just standing around my room like, now what?  I love them so much!  Saturday was a perfect day.  The weather was amazing, my friends were amazing, Sex and the City was amazing!  It was so cool!  I loved seeing it at the Bridge.  We had reserved seating in the Director’s Hall where they have waiters who will bring you what you want at your seat (for a ridiculous price).  The movie was great.  I don’t have as much of a connection to the characters as Amanda and Maggie (they cried…how cute!!) but I can’t say that my generation/viewing of society/social expectations haven’t been influenced by SATC.  I still think SJP looks like a witch.  Hocus Pocus didn’t help me a bit.  Sunday I woke up in a bummer mood.  For one, I had gotten home and stayed up until 3am unpacking the insanity that is my life.  I haven’t made much progress though I’ve unpacked a crap load of things!  Anyway, I think I was simply overcome by anxiety (much like the birthday blues) and doubt about what I’m doing with my life and had a very slow start to my day.  I went to starbucks for some tea before mass, and when I got there was completely met by pomp and circumstance.  I hadn’t realized that May 31st was the day 20 deacons were made priests!  On June 1st I got to attend the first mass of a brand new priest! HOW AMAZING!  St. Bernadette has a predominantly Black parish, so when I saw the predominantly white choir, i had to turn and ask the older woman behind me if there was something special going on. The chior was from Holy Trinity, and they were amazing!  A monsignor sang with such feeling and intonation that I was very impressed and moved.  The whole thing was great!! Afterwards I hung out with Denise for most of Sunday.  We perused the Beverly Center for beautiful scarves (they’re my new thing) and belts from H&M, expensive shoes (for Geox) and a delicioius lunch from Souplantation (which is riight across from the Beverly center!)  I can remember a time when I thought Souplanation was the lamest thing in the entire world!  I couldn’t fathom pay $9 for a salad!  Now that I eat veggies regularly, and have paid much more then $9 for a salad, I can do nothing but love the souplantation…even if it has the word plantation in the name.  We also went to marshall’s where I got an amazing dress that I wore as a shirt today.  you’ll love it.  I have so much to blog, but i’m writing an IEP.  I’m only blogging now because I’m sitting around watching CABLE!.  more to come.


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  1. Even if SJP ends up doing porn I still wouldn’t want to watch a movie of hers because she does look like a witch, sans the broom, sans the black cat. ;D

  2. On second thought SJP looked more like a witch without the makeup from Hocus Pocus. At least in the movie the makeup makes her look a little different somehow.

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