treading water


I have a to do list that runs from letter A to letter Q, with each letter having a subgroup or notes.  I have a professional development to plan for and to present.  I have IEPS to write, meeting to schedule, and responsibliities to meet.  I will not bring any f this home.  it already follows me as it is, no reason for me to transport it here and have it sit in my bag.  Nope.  No need.  I am trying to keep my head above water because that is seriously the only option.  And when tomorrow’s to do list will also run from A to Q, I really don’t have an option.

I have been having some amazing times with friends.  My friend Don came into town and we gay prided it up.  We did hollywood boulevard and roscoe’s on Sunday after a saturday night of partying.  i wonder if i stll have a blister on the back of my heel?  I really am tired.  the blister is gone.  i think i will head to the gym tomorrow before potluck with the girls.  i had korean tofu soup tonight with denise to debrief the day.  as much as i try to make it a habit not to dwell on the mountain that is work, its nice that denise lets me have it out.  i can get rid of it and face it when we talk it out.  i can’t wait to head to the gym tomorrow.  i went to yoga on monday, and nothing tonight and i really, really need it.  I really really need it.  just like  i need an iphone.  i’m just sayin.


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