Friday Night Supper Club


So, once a month Elizabeth, Denise and I have decided to hit up a restaurant reviewed in the Guide and just enjoy ourselves. Last month we went to Casa Sanchez, an upscale Mexican restaurant in Culver City. We ordered Palomas to quench our thirst and enjoyed their complimentary chips and guacamole (!). We decided that if it was something Liz’s mother could make then we weren’t going to order it. We had: Costillas de Puerco en Chipotle Barbeque, Barbeque pork ribs in a honey chipotle barbeque sauce, a dish made of lamb (its not on the online menu) and a fish dish that I can’t remember, but it was amazing. AMAZING! live mariachis played on the stage 12 feet away from our table, and played for like the entire time we were there.

I love trying new cuisine in the city. Last Friday, we just went to the Sizzler because I needed meat on the cheap. Wednesday of last week we went to the Tofu House in the mall on Olympic and Western for Tofu soup. DELICIOUS! i heart food and I look forward to keeping you up to date on all the new cuisine I try, because we all know that during the week I’m sticking to same ole same ole food that fills me with happiness and life.


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