I am seriously blessed. BLESSED to font size infinity. I say this because as long as I have breath in my lungs, strength in my body-mind-spirit then I am blessed. I have much, much more then just breath and strength so I must be incredibly blessed. Things I’ve also had happen to me today that caused me go, “Huh? WTF?” but still remain blessed:

1. I was in a car accident on the way to work. I guess it would be considered a fender bender, considering that it bent my fender. The car in the number one lane (closest to the center) merged INTO me. I saw it coming, I honked and braked, and our cars still collided. I didn’t hit anyone, the people in the neighborhood came out to see that i was okay, the other car took off. I kept trying to call my prinicpal (there was no way to get to work on time) but couldn’t get through. I kept trying to call work, and Denise, but on one picked up. I finally got a hold of my Dad and my friend Elizabeth to let them know what was going on. While I was waiting for the police to file a report (I’d already called my insurance co.) a nice man in a tow truck stopped and let me know of a body shop that would take care of me and put me in a rental car for 10 days (which I’m sure will be paid for on the back end) today, which is nice because the other body shop wouldn’t be able to see me until tomorrow. For some reason I don’t have rental car built into my insurance policy- i can’t remember why not- but I am grateful that it worked out this way. Everyone was really nice, and attractive- tow truck driver, police officers, body shop owner, rental car guy- all attractive. i decided to not go to work and went and got a mani pedi for 30 bucks, and a shirt that i’ve been waiting to go on sale for the last two months.

2. I spelt water on my work Macbook. I was trying to do work, I’d just talked to a parent on the phone about a meeting we have on Thursday…and over went a glass of water. DAMN. I took out the battery, I tried to get as much water out of it as i could by holding it up side down. I thought I’d let it dry out enough (two hours) but it started to sizzle (or it sounded that way) when I attempted to turn it on, so now its sitting tent style on a towel and will remain that way.

I asked the question “Huh?” because apart of me has to wonder what’s going on. What is God and the universe trying to tell me? Its funny because I got into the accident on vernon and cimarron- the same street as the massage therapist i see. She sent me a text at 12:30 that said, “Be gentle with yourself and I’ll see you on the 23rd for your massage.” interesting. I’m being taken care of. See…how could I not be blessed. I talked to Denise and Josephine, who were concerned and caring. I talked to my mother and my dad was great. I fell asleep on the couch in front of the TV, where I am sitting right now. This is all funny, because even at teh sight of the accident my attitude was like, “I can still make ti to work.” As soon as I got the rental I decided that there was no way i was headed to work. I can do my work from home…and now I can’t even really do that. Ha!

What’s going on with my skin is a totally different story.


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