school’s almost out


its been a long two weeks. a very long two weeks. as i type i am finally able to remember what it feels like to almost not have a cold. i think it first started three weeks ago, and it is just beginning to subside. the tiniest bit is residing in my sinus cavity and it made life hell for a few days this week, but now its just lingering.

But a lot has been going on these last two weeks. A lot. At work and at home. Mostly at work, but home has been really interesting also. the accident left me wiped and completely enveloped in this feeling of powerlessness and depression. I saw my body work therapist on monday who really helped me to put a finger on what i was feeling, and why i felt the way i felt. denise has been really helpful also, reminding me that no matter how big or small car accidents shake things up and are pretty jarring and that I handled things pretty well. I mean, i could have done the alternative, which would have been to do nothing at all. instead, i pulled myself together, and tried to keep going thought i rightfully took the rest of that afternoon off.

The days following the car accident I had 5 IEP meetings. 5. FIVE. F-I-V-E. Four of which were placement IEPs, in which i had to explain to parents why we could not provide the appropriate educational setting for their child, and that they would benefit from a smaller setting, where in he/she would receive a highly accommodated/modified curriculum and increased academic support from a teacher or paraprofessional. Four. FOUR. F-O-U-R. two in english, two in spanish. in terms of results, two went smoothly. in reality, zero went smoothly. Two involved tears, one from the student, one from a parent. All involved extreme exasperation towards the educational system to which their child had been apart of. two resulted in students feeling completely rejected. one resulted in a student “climbing into his tree,” becoming willfully defiant, refusing to speak or be honest with me and refusing to come to my class for the past two weeks. one resulting in a parent feeling confused, “betrayed” and fed up. this all on top of having to juggle LAUSD and figure out what they will provide, and what they won’t, and in the end having to decide that two of the students will be given the option to remain on our campus until we can effectively move them to our preferred campus. This means i have two IEP meetings tomorrow. OUR LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. Throughout all of last week I couldn’t breathe through my nose. I went through each of those meetings blowing my nose a countless number of times due to the fact that every time i stopped talking, my sinuses would try to drain forward, hence the nose blowing. disgusting.

Friday night Denise, Liz and I met up in Glendale at this amazing restaurant which will be featured in my latest Friday night Supper club entry. Watch out for it.

Saturday I was still so swamped with work that I actually went to work. Well, first I went to Pilates at 8:30am, went to work until noon, went to Target to look for a party dress (found none), went to a cheapy place next door (and found a cream and black halther dress that stops above my knees- hot), went to the gym (its seriously hard to keep myself motivated to pus it for 30 minutes when I have a cold..just can’t fucking do it, but i did it on Saturday), went to Gigante! for groceries, before heading home and helping prep for our party.

the party deserves an entry all its own. But it won’t get one in that its apart of the school’s almost out theme. the 21st was a hell of a hot day. HOT! H-O-T. caliente. I’m just sayin. I was kind of scared that none of my friend would come. We pushed back the time. i’d sent an email out earlier in the week, and a text message Saturday morning, but hadn’t really heard back from any one. how excited was i when denise showed up! First, at that! I didn’t think she or Liz would come. Why wouldn’t they? They’re 30 and 35, and well, i wasn’t too sure about the other party guests. But i was super pumped when Denise showed up. I was giving her a tour of the laundry room, and my roommates are like, “Candace, another guest is here…” it was my roommate Mollie.  Mollie Page.  MOLS.  M-O-L-L-I-E.  My heart as like racing.  when i gave her a hug I said to her, “can you feel my heart racing!?!”  it was really  nice to see her.  We got to sit down and recap about life in the last year and  a half- nothing much has changed, things sure are pretty interesting, especially with people i don’t keep in touch with but whose lives of which i’ve gotten word.  She hung out for two hours before departing for home.  i got a great picture of her with the new roommates.  crazy. CRAZY. C-R-A-Z-Y.  Liz and denise hung out for the entire night while the house filled with 80-100 new teachers, who were  politely kicked out at 10 to midnight.  I also met the upstairs neighbor, Sean.  He stopped by afterwards, around 1 am, with a jug of limeaid and some energy.  I got to check out their apartment, which is outfitted with an LCD projector, a projection screen, and great speakers.  We watched “To catch a theif” which is not my favorite of Hitchcock’s films, though this was the first time I’d ever viewed it.  He’s a nice guy.  I wonder how appropriate it is to hang out with neighbors…or to initiate that.

This week has been insane on campus.  So much as been going on with work- there is mad drama there- that i feel like this entry is getting too long to finish properly.  i’m getting drowsy- it must be teh wine- and i need to finish my laundry.  i’ll be back later this week to finish up.

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  1. wait, 80-100? Wow! That sounds like a really really REALLY successful party!
    Congrats on the new place. Wish I could have been there

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