Catch me if you can …


you know what i am not doing?  this.  since 204 i’ve lost 67 pounds.  i have to wonder how it would be t not have a job that forced my ass to the gym as a way to manage stress.  or a job that doesn’t keep you from getting a restful night’s sleep two days after the end of school.  or a job that doesn’t lead to the development of an eye twitch (which moving resolved), or that initiates hair loss (which a great cut resolved) or the loss of all willingness/wantingness to be social 9which, hopefully moving also resolved).  i’m just saying.

i’m laying on the couch recuperating from a fitful night’s sleep.  earlier today, tracie and i headed to camarillo for some Coach outlet shopping.  we then got some ribs for lunch.  last night i hung out with the guys upstairs and watched Die Hard with a Vengance.  I really like actin movies.  last night i bought  my train ticket home.  i’m pumped  but i can’t tell my mother because its a surprise.  i still need to find out what i am going to do with my car.  Tracie just agreed to move it from street to street so that it can remain parked in front of our house.  Now i just need to figure out how to get to the train station. Yesterady my meals consisted of (in opposite order) melon, cream of tomato soup, bread pudding (oh god…NEVER AGAIN! ITS RUINED WARM DESSERTS FOR ME!), red beans and rice, iced tea, oatmeal with dried cranberries and bananas.  I’m pretty sure my fitful sleep had a little something to do with the bread pudding(GROSS!), anxiety over going home,  anxiety over which set of couples to kick it with for july 4th (I know i have friends who aren’t psuedo married…I know it, and being a bit warm.  Never again with Bread Pudding. NEVER.  NEVER.

I got my car back, and its spectaculary dirty.  I did some reading in the sun.  I get my braces off in August.   i’m a kick ass dog walker/babysitter.  I contracted a stomach virus on sunday and got really sick.  i’m better. i’ve bounced back. i love the monotony that being on vacationb rings to my life.  when i have something more substantive.  Hugs.


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