Happy 4th of July!


count basie

benny goodman

gene kelley

turner classic movies

big band

john coltrane

judy garland

Josephine Baker

Mahalia Jackson

Imitation of Life

South Pacific 2008 revival

In the Heights

Wicked (only because it never leaves LA)

i just typed a whole bunch, and with a slip of a finger it all got deleted. Boo. In summary: I am glad that I can no longer miss any great Hitchcock movie marathons because I own copies of all the best Hitchcock movies (thanks Mom!) I love musicals- classic, modern, theater and film. I grew up watching Judy Garland in Meet Me in St. Louis (and was stoked that it was referenced in SATC: the movie). Christopher Walken has now triggered what may be a major interest in Gene Kelly.  I want to find a way to see more musicals no matter what is going on.  I missed the Color Purple when it was in town.  I just didn’t have the money- I’d spent it all in Washington, Jamaica, and Big Bear.  I really want to see South Pacific.  I’ve got to find a way to buy tickets, get to NY and then see it!  When is a good time to travel to NY?  I feel like its one of those cities where travel season’s don’t apply because everyone just wants to be there….kind of like LA.  🙂 I told Karla that I’d love to do Europe with her again next year, but I feel like seeing South Pacific on Broadway would be amazing!   I watched the Tony’s this year, and swooooooooooooooooned when Paulo Szot sang “Some Enchanted Evening”.  I’m a stone cold romantic.  What can I say.

In the Heights looked really cool also.  I just kept thinking, though, um…I thought Dominicans were darker then that?  There’s a spectrum of shades when it comes to most non-white ethnic groups, but this whole group of actors were very much on the lower end of the spectrum. That just caught my eye.  Raised a flag in the back of my head. Still looks amazing.

Its time for my walk (how 60 years old of me).  I’m really pushing to with the walking at the top of the day, but sue me.  One must keep fit. I’m going to visit friends in Highland Park this evening to ring in a celebration of independence.  Have great fun.

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