independence day


Yosef lateef

when left to my own devices i can seriously get myself in trouble.  seriously.  not that i actually did that today.   but we all know the possibility is there.  i spent the day shopping and visiting the getty.  the plan was to wing it!  you know, be free, see where the day and the sunshine take  me! woooo, hoooo.  okay…so, um, yeah, winging it is a sport best meant for two.  and the getty is interminably boring.  there are beautiful gardens that i seriously enjoyed (despite the heat) and these  wonderfully cool umbrellas that you can use to guard yourself from the sun (or the rain should the season be up to it).  I focused my attention the West galleries, which houses the photography exhibits, renaissance art, decorative pieces, and special exhibits.  I saw the Merian exhibit, the Becher exhibit, a special photography exhibit, an interactive exhibit, and the Sander exhibit.  I attempted the paintings, but by the time i made it up the the 2nd floor of the West building I had been there for three hours (how did that happen?) and just couldn’t do it any more.  I enjoy art.  I like art a lot.  But I’ve seen renaissance art, I’ve seen Greek and Roman sculptures, Renaissance art, and impressionisms, and modern art…in Paris. And I’ve seen a lot of it.  and you know what I learned from that experience…a) i like modern art much more, b) without a context, my attention  is lost and c)its best for me to “experience” art such as this by myself…i’m a pain when i lose interest in the company of another.  I get fidgety…like we could be enjoying life somewhere else, doing something else, much quicker, with music, and possibly, just maybe with alcohol.   Hate to sound cliche, but I am a product of my generation/country/surroundings.  I also get to control what is seen and for how long.  So, even though i was there for three hours, they were my three hours, i got to see what i wanted without making concessions to anyone else.

I was discussing my day with UN Eric, and he suggested attending gallery events such as those nights when they play music at the LACMA.  There are young people, music, drinks, fun, and art that would hold my interest.   Also, UN Sean Dj’s at gallery called Cannibal Flower, so that’s another cool scene to check out.  Plus, my guidance counselor is digging herself a pitiful little hole of depression…and dammit, she’s single, I’m single, Los Angeles is our oyster.  Or at least, you know, it would be nice to see her have a little fun.  She’s totally lonely, depressed, and feeling dejected and overworked.  There is no reason we can’t have a little fun now and then.  Especially free fun.  We have the whole summer.  LACMA is providing a safe and civil way to act out my independence and enrich the three things in which i have an interest: jazz, art, and people.

While I was shopping the sales girl started to chat me up.  It wasn’t one of those chat a customer up for commission ( I was at forever 21, I got this awesome summer dress in yellow and azure), it was really a, “hey, do you want to go out and have fun?  I need to meet some down, chill, no drama people.  My name is Yvonne” kind of thing.  So, you know, there ya go, another avenue for branching out, and putting into play some safe structures for fun and networking.

UN Eric lent me “the burbs” bring it Tom Hanks!


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