i woke up this morning with a plan and put it into action: Leimert Park to Highland Park to Hollywood to Lemiert Park.  No Car. It was funny beuse I just didn’t feel the need to drive.  I planned this out last week.  I knew that I didn’t want to drive too much (which, you know, in comparison to my past summer, I have driven less) and knew that I definitely didn’t want to drive to Highland Park.  I also had a dentist appointment in Hollywood.  What is cool about the metro website in LA is that it will tell you how much a trip would have cost if you’d driven and how much it will cost to ride the bus.  I bought a day pass, roughly 4 dollars. To get from Leimert Park to Highland Park took a bus and a metro ride, took 1 hour and 48 minutes, and was 14.02 miles.  It would have cost me $7.58 if I’d driven (its based on AA’s formula at 54.1 cents/mile.  To get from Highland Park to Santa Monica and Vermont in Hollywood (where my dentist office is located) it was 10.70 miles and would have cost me $5.79.  To get from Hollywood back to Lemiert Park was 7.61 miles and $4.12.  So, that is $17.49 I didn’t spend on gas.  I’m not going to subtract from that the amount of money I spent on lunch (an amount I would have spent anyway-a lunch I split in half and will be having for dinner as well), though I will subtract the cost of the day pass.  So, in all, I saved $13.49 .  I got to read the book Breakfast with Tiffany, got a pertinent piece of paper signed that i need for my loans, got my teeth cleaned, and only have two blisters to show for it! i feel mighty accomplished. will write more later.


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