Vacation Day 2


Friday, July 11th
I woke up at 7:30am to an idyllic view of the Oregon flats. Mount Shasta was in the distance, and the sky was so clear and blue. The sky, as soon as we got out of LA, was clear and blue and has been ever since. I ordered a yogurt, a snickers (for later), and a cranberry juice for the day. I still had my second bag of snacks. See the snacks are really working out. I was looking for the restroom when an elderly gentleman says to me, “You have real class! I saw you eating lunch yesterday and said to myself, ‘what is a woman with such class doing on a train like this?”” See, I love men, I really do. I said thank you, and we engaged in a tiny bit of conversation about what appeared to be a locked door and whether or not there was someone stuck behind that door- he was with a group of other elderly people and I thought that it was a nice compliment, but my bladder was the perfect out for such a moment. For every awkward moment, there should at least be two moments as nice as this. I finished the book Amanda lent me (Breakfast with Tiffany) while eating breakfast and discovered that the only other book I had with me (the rest better be in my luggage or I will be pissed!) was the book assigned for our summer reading, “Filling Your Bucket”- a quick read on positive psychology and how powerful positive actions and thoughts can be in increasing productivity. I finished it in two hours. I sat out in the lounge car, sunning myself as I willed myself to get through this reading. There were very beautiful wet lands on both sides of the train for a good long time, so I got a ton of pictures. Its 5:13pm, and we’ve pulled into Portland roughly an hour and a half behind schedule. After finishing my reading, I believe I took another nap. I had lunch, this time at the last hour possible, and landed a table by myself. I keep over hearing these really awkward conversations with children who I believe have autism. Okay, not really, but you know…awkward. The train pretty much emptied out, save for the people going on to Vancouver (WA), Tacoma, Seattle, and I’m sure there are some stops in between. I have, approximately, four more hours before I hit Seattle. I am on a sugar high from the cheesecake I had for dessert, and am tripping the light fantastic being able to sit here and enjoy my trip. More later. Note: Portland looks a lot like Seattle and new Orleans Business District, but more like Seattle.

While waiting out the Portland stop (for some reason the train just chilled out for like, 15- 20 minutes) I began a conversation with a girl named Cassie. She looked so much like Angel Sticks (angie palos) that it was scary. She’d been on a train since Wednesday night, having decided to take the train out of Arizona, I think from Flagstaff, to Seattle. She felt as if she’d talk to every passenger in the lounge car and had read at least 5 books. She watched my stuff for me when I’d made the bad choice of trying to find a restroom when the Portland passengers decided to exit the train. We ended up watching Vertigo to keep us from lamenting over the time delay. She’d never seen it, and i have to admit, its barely Hitchcock’s best, its just really memorable (who doesn’t love James Stewart?).


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