Vacation Day 3


I’m writing this with a full stomach, washed hair, and a niece who insists on spelling the word “SPY” over and over and over again while pretending that scribbles are the words to her unfinished novel.  My mother is sitting next to her with Hairy the wounded dog at her feet, my dad immediately to her left with Mango the wonder pup in his lap.  Oh, and we’re watching what looks to be a pretty promising episode of Law and Order:CI on USA.  Yeah, being home pretty much rocks. My mother grilled cheeseburgers and sausages, and I swear I had two just trying to make up for the shitty cheeseburgers I had on the train.  I swear, every time that I eat a cheeseburger i am just trying to recreate the feeling of joy that eating my  mom’s burgers gives me (the secret: Mrs. Field’s onion soup mix).  I guess I should recap how I got to this place of fullness.

My last evening on the train ended up wrapping up much better then the first afternoon.  I met Cassie in the Lounge car and watched Vertigo.  We were stuck for about 30 minutes at a draw bridge that wouldn’t allow us to pass (turns out a boat had crashed in to the bridge at some point and it was holding us up), and pretty much filling that time with finishing Vertigo, and scoping out the kids at the other end of the lounge car.  You see, they were AMISH!  A young guy next to us starts to enter into conversation with us about these pretty out of place kids.  By out of place I mean for the 21st century.  His name was Justin– a bar tender working on his BA in homeopathic medicine- and he was on his way from Portland to Tacoma so that he could meet up with friends from Puyallup who were going to take him to Auburn to see….STEVIE WONDER of all fucking people!  STEVIE WONDER.  Auburn is a pretty podunk town.  Stevie was playing at the Muckleshoot casino. (I swear to God, everywhere outside of the big city is the heartland.  A red state inside of a green state.  Tacoma is the intersection of hood and hillbilly if you can imagine that.)The three of us had fun waiting and waiting and waiting for the train to move, eventually comandeering a table, setting up my laptop and putting on Sleepy Hollow, though it was low, and even with subtitles and maximum volume, it wasn’t the best set up.  Helly, a Finnish au pair headed who jumped the train in  San Francisco and was headed back to her charges in Vancouver, and her seat mate– whose name escapes me, but who is a student who just finished up her degree in life sciences and has no idea what she wants to do with her life but knows that she doesn’t want a career in any field that has anything to do with life sciences- also joined us.  We hung out, talked, watched as a train that we’d spotted in Portland zipped past us (and sucessfully made it to Seattle at least 20 minutes before us).  I gathered contact information (in hopes of beginning at least places to stay in cities i may visit some day).  Once all of the junk food (snickers is the food of the gods) and everyone departed (either in tacoma or back to their cars early to pack their things) Cassie and I hung out in the lounge car discussing the hotness of Johnny Depp, the insanity level of Tom Cruise.  This is is when handsome mixed martial artist from the Seattle/Portland area whose name I think is Joe spoke up.  Joe was good looking, and had an interesting story about having met a psychic at age 19 who read/wrote his astrological table and predicted that Joe would find great success in martial arts (go figure! I have a reason to have great hope in that statement).

We didn’t pull  into Seattle’s King Street Station (not the awesome train station of Union Station standards) until 11:30pm.  I didn’t even recognize my dad when I spotted him across the crowd.  It was so nice to just be home and driving through the city.  We decided to surprise my mom:  my Dad would tell her that she needed to come down stairs, and I would jump out and surprise her.  Doesn’t that sound like a horrible idea?  What are we trying to give her a heart attack?  We both thought it was a good idea.  what is wrong with us?  When he told her that, her response was, “i’m not going down stairs!”  so I had to walk up the stairs (good thing I’m not opposed to walking) and I entered the dark room and sat on her bed, and I think she must of had a heart attack when i said, “its me…Candace!”  She was soooo excited and freaked out! (All day today she kept saying, “I can’t believe you surprised me!” ) I woke up Dee, who blinked her self awake, gave me a big hug, then got out of her bed and climbed into my parents bed.  My parents and I hung out for about 30 minutes, with my mom still going on about my surpise, and me warming up salmon croquette patties to supplement my stomach full of sugar.

I had a pretty restless sleep (I had a dream about someone trying to kidnap my sister, which i take to mean that we need to watch out for each other) and woke early with Deanna.  I put on the yellow sun dress, and Deanna, mom and I spent the day shopping hardware stores, garage sales (where she got a solid cedar table- which I think my mom and dad just ruined as i type- and a used samsonite rolling laptop cart- for work, its tattered by still in good working shape!) enjoying the sun, shopping at Fred Meyer’s (the best store in the world to me- target and walmart wish they were Fred Meyer’s), and oh- we got a dog!  A rat terrier/beagle mix named Mango.  Its been a seriously relaxing, family oriented day.  and not one nap.

I am in town until the 23rd when i climb back aboard the coast starlight.  between now and then I plan on heading into the city (probably wednesday morning) and doing some exploring and adventuring as well as catching up with the peeps.  I will keep this thing updated and filled with photos- as soon as i learn how to use the photo function better.

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  1. I’m so glad you got there safely and without too much delay! The train sounds like such a blast, I think I’m going to buy that PBS series. Love to your family and see you soon.

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