Getting wider by the minute


My dad smoked some pork ribs last night, so they were pretty rockin’ tonight.  Yeah.  If this keeps up I may have to buy new clothes.  I think my mom is headed to the gym tomorrow.  If I wear my converse and some long pants I can hit the elliptical and some free weights.  Or the cafe. I don’t know. I’m on a roll…I mean role…or do I mean roll..I mean roll.  I was trying to be funny.  Ha. No.  sorry.  its the ribs, they’re clogging my arteries and brain waves.

the highlight of my morning was a trip to the Walmart.  I didn’t buy anything, so don’t trip.  I was invited to a Mary Kay party, but I think I will be having family dinner and planning Angel’s birthday.

My sister came over to hang out again today.  I have to say that I think my sister is absolutely beautiful.  she really is.  there are some peculiarities about her that I would love to understand but you know, we’re just starting.

We went to the movies with my mother and niece and saw Journey to the center of the Earth.  This movie was made for families, children,  and 3d fun.  Purely for 3-d fun.  It was completely devoid of any plot or acting, but i’m not sure if expected anything more.  The story was quickly paced in order to bring on the 3d effects.  Remember when we all first saw Jurassic Park?  I wish that I could have that moment back.  The feel of adrenaline pumping through me the first time I saw the T-Rex gain speed on the Jeep as it raced toward safety.  NOw that was awesome.  AWESOME.   Hollywood/Universal studios is hard pressed to match that moment.  I kind of wish they’d stop trying and stick to something with more substance…but then again I haven’t really been investing in viewing anything of a dramatic substantive nature.  Comedy and Action films have been my cup of tea of late.  And documentaries about life in the heartland (seriously, you’re in your 20’s, married, and you’re a courtesy clerk….huh?  but i’m trying not to judge.)

I changed my skin care regimen in April and my skin has been going crazy, so Angel helped me out by helping refine my skin care collection.  A combination of hormones, stress, and hair oil has caused my face to resemble someone who is in high school…someone really hot in high school…and this youthful look will pay off when i’m 50, but right now its just ridiculous and needs to end.  So after the movies Angel helped me figure out away to banish my inner 15 year old’s face to the nether regions of my subconscious.

right now my inner 15 year old wants to get back to watching Sky High.  Hero Support all the way.


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