Vacation day 5: No rest for the wicked


So, the problem with vacations is that they are so terribly relaxing that I don’t want to  or know how to go out and do things.  This was the problem all three times I went abroad.  I was so totally relaxed that I just didn’t knwo what to do.  It was like, “Wait…you want me to move?  Crappers…Okay, I’ll get ready.  Shit.”  Can you see while I’ll be single until I’m 50?   I am at an impass with the whole having fun without drinking thing…huh?  I know this must be possible, but really I’m not sure if I’m motivated to do anything unless there is food and drink involved.

I took the longest nap today while my mother went to aerobics.  This was prompted by my new found fear of the sun.  I got an amazing sunscreen moisturizer for my face yesterday, and  I was laying in the sun today with really only my legs exposed to the sun. I shit you not, after 30 minutes in the sun it felt like my leg was burning.  I jumped up and ran inside.  Direct sunlight…not for vampires like me.  It made me so tired I just went inside and laid down.

Have you ever watched children’s television programming?  I love it. I think I love it because the kids seem so much cooler then I ever was.  I am eternally 15.  I’m off to find something kick ass to do tomorrow. hugs.


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  1. I’m eternally a kid. Just this morning I was singing one of those school house rock cartoon songs that taught kids something while being entertaining. And it was this song I was singing.

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