Vacation Day 7: Dark Knight


THere are so many reasons why i love BatmanBUt let me begin with a reason why I love Los Angeles:  When you see a good movie in LA, at a good theater in the heart of Hollywood like my favorite theater, the Arclight-, everyone claps at the end.  Everyone seriously appreciates how much the movie you just saw kicks so much ass.  If I were in LA tonight, I would still be clapping about the Dark Knight.  Alas, I am in Federal Way, so I clap in my head, my heart, and I clap alone, because that movie was soooooo good. SO GOOD.  SO F-ing Good! 

Things we know about me:

1. Batman has always been my favorite super hero.  I watched old school Batman as a child, I watched Dark Knight cartoons on the WB after school at my Grandmother’s house in Holly Park, I’ve seen every batman movie, and even kind of enjoyed them. He’s my favorite- he’s a man, with no supernatural powers besides wanting to make the world safe for the every man, woman, and child.  Had Bruce Wayne not been a an emotional distraught young man left hollowed and angered by the murders of his parents- and a fictional character- he would have been a TFA-er.  He also probably would have sucked, but you know, let the chips lay where they may.

2. CHRISTIAN BALE is the hottest man on Earth.  We all know how I feel about good looking white guys.  I just did a search for all the entries in which i’ve mentioned Christian Bale.  i’ve said some pretty indecent things about him.  And all of them are still true.  I’m not going to link to them because they’re kind of embarassing, but so true…SO TRUE!!!  But if you’d like to search for all the things I’ve said about Christian Bale, feel free!  Remember him in Newsies…he was even hot in Newsies.   HE HAS AN ENGLISH ACCENT that i’ve never ever heard!  He’s like an onion…an onion! I LOVE ONIONS!  and He lives in LOS ANGELES! some one get me home!  the longer I’m in FW the less likely it is that I will run into him randomly at Target/whole foods/the grove…shit, you know, if i still lived in Hollywood and was in LA right now, there is a 96% chance that I would have seen him by now.  OH I cannot wait for the new Terminator!!!

3.  I just got so caught up in how hot I think Christian Bale is that I forgot my 3rd point for why I love the Dark Knight.  I’m pretty sure it might have tied back to my very unhealthy relationship/ideas that men should be dependable, strong, protective, faithful, but eventually, will be absent.  These feelings are not right, I’ve already said that, and I’m working on it- I swear, I SWEAR…Goodness, I hope I am… i really hope I can, because seriously its even affecting my relationship with God, and Deanna, if you know a way I can get over that clue me in, I’d greatly appreciate it.  My goal is to have this conquered before the end of 2008.  ANYWAY, I can’t remember what I was going to say, so I will say this:  Go see Dark Knight.  Its dark, fast, loud, surprising, not for children…or anyone who doesn’t like loud sounds…and exhilarating.  I think I’m in love.

4.  The Oscar really should go to Heath Ledger.

5.  If what’s happening to Maggie Gyllenhall’s aging face is what’s going to happen to all of our aging faces…then I think we’re all very  very lucky.  I’m off to care for my own face.  Tomorrow I’ll post about Vacation Day 6 and provide some more insight into Vacation Day 7…it was a long and hard one.  But right now, I’m filled with the warm feelings of having seen a great movie.  YEAH.


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  1. Gerl, when it comes to getting people to see The Dark Knight, you’re preaching to the choir! 😀

    And yes, Christian Bale is all that AND a bag of chips!

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