Vacation Day 10: a day at the beach


Today was a pretty lazy day at home.  Deanna had an 11am swim lesson in Northeast Tacoma, after which we packed up the dogs and headed to Dashpoint beach.  The thing about living in Western Washington is that summers are so beautiful here.  So beautiful…yet so cold.  It was a shinning, bright day.  Sun high in the sky, winds low…and temperatures low as well.  A chilly 68 degrees.  It looked like it should have been 80 degrees.  the sun did that whole scorching thing again when I sat in the sun on the back patio porch, but it wasn’t warm enough for me to go to the beach sans sweatshirt.  At Dashpoint a freshwater stream can be found coming out of the hill, through the beach, and into the Sound when the tide is out.  By the time the stream reached the sound, the water had been warmed by the sun. The water at the shore was incredibly warm as well.

It was a great day at the beach for the dogs.  Mango and Hairy Potter got their exploration on.  They are at the center of house drama right now.  Mango arrived the morning after I did.  She’s 6 months old, so she gets a little rowdy and jumpy.  She’s not trained yet, but they’re getting there, and when they can afford it, my parents will be sending her to obedience school.  And if they can’t, they have htis great show on Animal Planet  called “Is it Me or my Dog?” on which there are tips to train your dog.  We watched an episode together last night, and it was full of tips that will be used.

Anyway, Hairy injured himself 3 weeks ago- slipped really hard on his hind left leg when he raced off towards my mom in excitement- and has been limping ever since.  On Vacation Day 6 we took him to Petsmart for his a check up, and we were told that he may need x rays (at the cost of $400-$600) which could determine whether or not he needs surgery ($2500-$3000) which will result in 4-8 weeks of confinement to ensure proper healing.  Until then, he will be taking this pain medication that cost $150/month.   Medication, on top of blood work, and a checkup for Mango cost a grand total of $250, leaving my mother exasperated and frustrated.  I covered the bill- which she insists she’ll pay me back in time, a fact that i don’t care about- which  left my mother in tears.  its so odd watching her cry.  Almost paralyzing,  positively heart wrenching.   The idea of Hairy being in pain, plus this compounding financial strain is just a seriously heavy weight for her to bare.  I don’t mind helping where I can, but she feels helpless at times.  It doesn’t help that my dad insists that HE takes care of everything financially, and that my mother contributes nothing, which isn’t true.  And now my dad is talking about giving Mango back to the foster family from which she came.  he insists that Mango’s playfulness is a deliberate attempt to delay Hairy’s healing, and that he’s witnessed Mango’s attempts to trip Hairy up and cause him more injuries.  Um…yes, that’s it…the dog is evil and full of malice.  I told my mother to consult an expert- like the internet or a vet- about Hairy’s health and healing and that they could not possibly return Mango now.  She’s apart of the family.  I also reminded her that Dad doesn’t have very much experience “raising” things, despite his 6 grown daughters, 1 estranged son, and 5 grandchildren.  For someone who is not a multi-millionaire, his slightly self absorbed, hands off-finances on approach to children leaves something to be desired from both his wife and his children.  He’s becoming more of a dad now then he ever was when we were growing up…which, you know, is just a tad bit late, but i guess better late then never?

I told my  mother and my aunt that the way they speak so poorly about men has seriously set all of their daughters up for failure…or at least the men (or lack there of) in their lives.  Its all about having the courage to not make the choice they’ve made if only to avoid having the same boring ass conversations about disappointment and loneliness.  Goodness, that just sounds like a pain in the ass, when there are much more interesting things to talk about, like Christian Bale, or the science and psychology of super heroes.  Did anyone see those two shoes on the History Channel tonight?  AWESOME!  I’d love to have a conversation about the psychology behind marketing.  Everything is customer service and marketing.  EVERYTHING.


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