Farmer’s Market


Its the Olympic season and I haven’t watched a second of it! I didn’t even see the opening ceremonies. You know which one I really wish I’d seen… the one in Greece! I heard it was amazing….the most recent one in Greece. Or maybe I’m thinking of how the new century was rung in. Strike that, I am thinking about the turn of the century where they recreated the setting of the Parthenon on fire. Am i even thinking of the right thing? Anyway, I wish I’d seen it!

S and I have been seeing a lot of each other, which I guess is normal because he lives upstairs. Today I am headed out to run errands and go dancing, so we’ll meet up tomorrow for a picnic! I think that right now I’m trying to soak him up, because I know that I will see less of him when the school year begins. However, I need to maintain/get a life so that I can not go crazy. I cannot make sleeping on my boyfriend’s “couch” the activity through which I destress. Goodness. I’m off to buy shoes…that’s helpful! More to come. I had all these ideas, and then my roommate sat down and they all vanished.
And we’re back!! Thanks to trader joe’s I just may never need to learn to cook from scratch. They have these wonderfully seasons pre-cooked meats! I picked up the Lemon Dill Salmon in a bag, the spinach-ricotta stuff salmon, and the ricotta stuffed-marinara chicken. The chicken is awesome!! I added fresh garlic and onion (from the farmer’s market) to the marinara before i tossed it all in the oven for 45 minutes at 350. The salmon in a bag i will prepare tomorrow for the picnic. While I may never need to learn to cook from scratch, I’ve got side dishes and vegetables down pat! S is going to be majorly surprised and happy. Along with the lemon dill salmon, I prepared a garlic-green bean-3 potato salad. Here’s how I did it….I just made it up! I bought green beans this morning on a whim, and had no idea what I was going to do with them. The three types of potatoes, the kind in a bag at TJ’s, were red, yellow, and PURPLE. PURPLE! When you cut it, the inside is purple also! I cubed the potatoes, and boiled them leaving the skin on. I threw in a few whole cloves of garlic for seasoning. I washed the green beans (fresh from the market as well), snapped them into pieces, and added them to the boiling water once the potatoes were mostly cooked. They only stayed there for a few minutes before being moved to a pan of hot olive oil and onions. I warmed the whole thing together, tossing in sea salt and black pepper and bam! Potatoes salad that’s actually good…and colorful! The best part is that there is no mayo so it will be okay getting warm in the sun and will still taste great cold!

for dessert I made a fruit salad from my other findings at the market: 1 yellow plum, 1 purple plum, strawberries, 1 peach, and an apple and grapes from TJs. Again, i love color and sweetness, so this will also be a great treat!

Tomorrow there may be a picture of the lemon dill salmon…and a happy S. Maybe…I’ve got to get ready. I’m going dancing. I spent way to much money on clothes, shoes, and hair supplies today. goodness. someone stop me!


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  1. Yummy potato salad- I’ve never seen those purple ones before. I love new produce! You and S should come over for dinner this week. We can eat, play Wii. We’ve got a badass record collection I bet he’d love! AND except for tonight Chris is home for dinner every day this week!

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