ice cream


so, i am full. not in a bad way, but in that way you get when you’ve eaten a ton of ice cream and need to eat something, like say, pepperoni pizza. No…its like when you’ve eaten a lot of ice cream and you feel icky later, and aren’t sure if you feel icky because of the ice cream flavor or if its because you’ve eaten too much ice cream. i’ve decided that if S is my favorite flavor of ice cream, I should switch up my food options so that I continue to enjoy it as much as i do. apart of me is thinking that it would be best to give us some more space so that he continues to enjoy me as much as well. We really enjoy our time together, but have had our own lives for so long that we have our own coping mechanisms for approaching life. I have to remember that even when he is having a bad day, I’ve chosen to trust when he said that we’ll work through all of our issues, for better or worse. I don’t want to have the liberty to double guess his intentions. We had a really great day yesterday. The picnice was tres satisfying. We ate adjacent to the rose garden near USC… goodness, this is how one should experience Los Angeles. It is an amazing city. We strolled through the Natural History museum, USC, and the University Village before heading to Crane’s Tavern for dancing and then Palms Thai for dinner. I have to say, i really like dancing on a Sunday afternoon/evening. My favorite pictures from the day are below. I’ve decided that I will be allowing for space on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I’ll see Denise, have a shopping date with my roommate, hit the gym, and some galleries. Remember what i love about me. it will be good.


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