Palm Springs: Canyon Palms


We’re staying in the Canyon Palms resort in Palm Springs.  You know what its like to drive to Palm Springs?  Dry and long.  I’m kind of concerned about my car, because I’ve driven that puppy to Vegas and have never had my ass go numb.  Seriously…my ass went numb.  On the right side.  Denise said her ass went numb on the left side.  Lord, please don’t let it be the shocks…or worse:  old age.  Or at least older age.  Vegas was a different age, during a different time.  At dinner tonightone of the new teachers asked us to share our most embarassing stories.  Boy, did they have some whoppers.  I’m going to edit a book called “Get off your ASS” (the not so literal translation of the word Animo) and publish our little vignettes.  My stories were by far the tamest, though in making an allusion to a situation  I confused the details and got my real story confused with much better details from someone else’s reality.  In short, I was confusing body art- misappropriating who had what where and how I knew such details.  My only other embarassing stories are so because when other people tell them, I get embarassed, not because i was embarassed at the time. Story A involves me dancing with a man that my friends would later tell me was really smelly.  Story B involves me drinking to the point of vomitting—on the street, and in the car of a woman who, I would later find out, was soon to be Shal’s ex-girlfriend and pretty not liked in general.  That night i broke my phone texting, and fell asleep at like 10pm.  LAME.  My adventures…so tame.

I like the new staff though.  Each has their own adventure, and personality.  I opted to spend more time with them then to get wasted at the Morongo casino.  Plus, I don’t get paid until Monday, and have approximately, $64 in the bank, and a desert to cross tomorrow evening.

We spent the day bonding, evaluating how to better use data, and brainstorming just how we plan on increasing the positive interactions with have with students.  This whole talk made me really excited for how I will grow and learn this year.  It kind of made me really excited for how I will grow and learn in life.  I like that the rest has yet to be written; that everyday I get to put another line on the page.  I think that’s why I keep this blog….so that I can keep track of what I have experienced…what I feel.  That and its easier for me to type then write long hand.  I realize that I need to increase the ways in which I am enriching and lifting up the spirits of others.  Its so easy to get wrapped up in being annoyed or frustrated, when really its more fun to celebrate others and celebrate yourself.  I think this is why I’m a terrible competitor.  I don’t like to lose, but I don’t want the other guy to lose either.  Can’t we both just win?  I’m sure there has to got to be some way to look at life like this.  I’m sure that instead of finding some way, it just might be a matter of simply DOING IT.  Maintaining the weight of the reality behind the optimism is the tough part: how do you constantly see the ways in which situations are win-win, especially if it appears that they are not?  How is it that I am winning, when every fiber in my being feels like I am losing?  How can someone else feel as if what pains them is something that, inversely, allows them to feel pleasure?  I think it goes beyond just the notion of seeing/feeling/experiencing pleasure in all its forms- contentness, eroticism, understanding, clarity, security, etc.- I think its having the presence of mind to see how amongst the pain/loss/the rubble there are oppurtunities to …make it work, for lack of a better term.  To endure, when everything in you is tell you different.  I am on a tangent…I blame the beef, tortilla chips and guacamole that has left me totally filled.  Suddenly, I’m tired and want to lay down and read before I sleep.  Tomorrow I will make better choices that are enriching and uplifting and less filling, but be completely full.


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  1. Tomorrow I will make better choices that are enriching and uplifting and less filling, but be completely full.

    That almost sounds like a Jenny Craig commercial. ;P
    If you do publish the book about all your and your friends vignettes, I’ll buy a copy, and stand in line to get it autographed. 😀

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