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i like blogging from sean’s computer.  you never know what you’re going to get.  i have the incredible need to write, and since his macbook is here, i am going to use it.  We spent the day in the sun at the SilverLake/Sunset junction street festival.  I have never seen so many gay men without shirts.  Gay men of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages…some, suspiciously underage looking.  One black kid looked less then 15!  I really wanted to stop and say something, but then again I wasn’t moved to do so.  Last  night Denise ad I spent time in the Desert Palms outlet stores in order to wait out the desert sun on the way home from Palm Springs.  It was soooooooooooooooo fucking hot yesterday that staying there until 8 o cloc was the only way we could tolerate the drive.  On the way home, Alisha said that she noticed that m right passenger tire lookd as if it was going to fall off.  This was good to know after I got lost in Culver City searching fro the Sensitive Baker (where I bought 10 dollar bagels hat were amazing….oh the price we  pay for food that is delicious and doesn’t wreak havoc on my tummy). Anyway, I’d spent the whole weekend in the desert, and was just a tad bit off beat in the LA sun.  Fuck.  There was a sea of bears wearing cargo shorts and no shirts (the gay bar, The Eagle, was located just on the inside of the gates), dancing to the salsa music and gesticulating wildly.  I feel incredibly relaxed now.  Anticipation of the new school year and the fact that, yet again, something maybe wrong with my car, has left me with a level of anxiety that is threatening to kill me.  Kidding…..its just really overwhelming and i haven’t even really done anything.  Sean is trying to helping me relax by being incredibly attentive and showing me “Borat” which I’ve never seen before.  I miss Shalimar.


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