muy thai


I’m seriously tired….seriously.  I was too tired to even cook dinner.  I put some fruit salad into a bowl, added a banana and grabbed a string cheese.  Dinner of champions.  I should be doing work for class tomorrow.  I think my approach to interactive notebooks will be for me to tell them, number the pages, take the notes, do the work.  Oh, but interactive note books are so much more than that.  Oh… so much more.  I finally had my first class of Academic Success…that’s right, three weeks in!  fuck! in two weeks I have

After school Mr. Clancy held his inaugural kick boxing class.  It was pretty great.  We put on gloves and actually threw punches and hit pads and practiced round kicks.  I was going to go to “Brickhouse” after wards, but goodness…I only made it as far as Tsarbucks for a tall PTL and Lemon Loaf.  I was starving…don’t judge.  I got back in my car and headed to goodwill to drop off my 300th bag/box/trunk full of stuff.   Somewhere along the way I got two sweaters that were 30% off at Target.  And some bath soap.

Here’s an email I’m sending to my program specialist.  It outlines my day:

Against a backdrop of general ed students who exhibit very similar qualities of some of our SDC students (low SRI scores, low basic math skills and behavioral management issues) what’s my base line for deciding who stays and who goes? I had my first academic success class today, and honestly, they all seem to have potential.  How do I know if they will succeed or not.  How do I create a convincing argument for parents when, honestly, a good percentage of our school would be better served in a smaller environment with increased structure (they broke the basketball court on campus)?

I’ve been more active in dealing with discipline- intervening in a conflict between three gentleman with IEPS (!!), referring a completely different set of three gentlemen with IEPs to the counselor for peer mediation, counseling disruptive students.  Bryan’s been a lot of help, and it finally came to me how I will be running academic success.  I’m just super tired.  What am I doing…hugs.

I suppose its not the wisest to reveal my hands/mental state to the person who also works with my principals…apparently her job is to also advocate for me…or to help me advocate for myself.  Today I hung out with the other special education teacher- at the sister site that is on the other side of my wall.

Susana just responded to my email with a response that was tantamount to: I don’t know…we’ll just play it by ear.  Life…its not a science apparently.  But neither is science apparently.

Again, I ask…what am i doing…


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