star gazing


Sean took me out late Friday night to placate my need for attention and time.  I don’t know…just last week, we hadn’t spent much time together, and I really wanted to go out…so I waited patiently all night (after we watched the debate) and got all pouty.  He’s a good boyfriend.  He took me up to Malibu at 1am and we found a spot on a random beach and watched the stars.  I love the look of the stars at night.  I love being able to really see the stars.  The stars behind the stars.  Sean’s been studying them for a while, and true to the form of a computer programmer, his attention to detail makes him really versed in the subject.  Quelle attractive. 

I spent Saturday running errands, falling asleep on Sean’s couch, and at a housewarming party.  It was nice to be up in Glendale stretching my drinking and socializing muscles.  Meeting new people, and even talking to old people, causes a bit of anxiety for me.  Denise made me feel better by revealing that ice breakers provide us with social structures that reveal the things we have in common.  If we can’t find something in common about which to talk, conversation can feel difficult.  It was definitely good to see folks though.  This next friday i have another “old” work party- a chocolate tasting- in burbank.  People will want to hear about my job, my boss, my life, my guy.  It will be nice…but i beg to wonder how real friendships bear from this fruit.  It always can’t be this difficult or trite.   There has to be more depth, right?  I feel this is an old conversation, and I should hurry up and figure it out.

Sunday Denise, Elizabeth and I hopped in my car with Elizabeth’s daughter, Desree, and trekked into Nigeria…I mean, Mira Loma, for the birthday party of our coworker Veronica.  Veronica, who hasn’t been at work for two days, come to think of it.  Two words: Horses, pools.  The land was big enough to have both a pool and a place for a horse.  Mira Loma is different from anywhere I’ve ever been in SoCal…or will ever go again. 

I’m just slacking…wasting time…catching up on my life when I should be working.  Last night I went up to Sean’s and fell asleep on his couch instead of working.  Tonight I’m sitting next to him on his couch while he plays 2k7 NBA championship games on his xbox.  We’ll shift to working soon, but right now I want to fall asleep and catch you up on my life.  

I left another message for Denise’s therapist, and hopefully she’ll have a weekend availability, though i doubt it.  

I was told to day about an old student who refused to go into a general education class.  He sat down in the main office and probably wouldn’t speak at first..but eventually he told the office officials that he refused to go into the general ed class because there are too many students.  They asked him how he survived Locke Tech last year, and he said, “I didn’t.  The classes were too big there, they’re too big here…I want to go back to my special ed class.”  when I was told this I was so excited.  I was so glad to hear that he was advocating for himself!  She was just aghast about how he could have possibly survived with us as long as he did.  We worked it out.  We really worked it out.  We did it all year.  And actually got him to do work.  She was shocked, I was happy…for the student.  Now he has two english classes!  IRONY.  This student would not listen to us when we insisted that if he wanted to be a film director he’d have to know how to read.  on that note: adieu.


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