why does divorce happen?  it makes me sad.  not this particular divorce, but the fact that it happens.  i guess that’s what happens when one does not anticipate that for better or worse will include a short stop from the yankees. when narcissitic personalities attack.

Sean and I had our first couples dinner last night!  We cooked dinner for his mentor/best friend and his girlfriend.  It was super nice.  SUPER NICE! Then he fell asleep while we watched the worst Japanese movie.  Today is his first day at the new job and I hope that things went well for him.  I’ve been staying over there these last two nights because I have no HEAT!  he told me monday that I should definitely stay with him until I get that worked out. And that I should bring up some of my products to make it easier.  I am totally swooning over him.  i’m goign to call him right now.


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  1. grrrrlll, he sounds like a keeper!
    POP and I are doing dinner with Ms. Sylva tomorrow night, maybe I’ll invite her to bring a certain man she’s been hanging out with…. yeah! group date!

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