I was supposed to get my braces off this morning buut a stubborn gap in my top bridge has postponed my glory. Fucking a. I took the whole day off for what turned out to be a 30 minute appointment. Color me pissed. Not that I don’t love days off. I just love meeting my expectations. Its become a huge inconvenience. I am pissed. I am standing in front of BRBR waiting for it to open! I am $150 pissed. I am buying boots and pants for work. I am also watching folks paralell park into a loading zone. Quelle terible. I have my bottom retainer in and it looks lovely. My teeth need a good flossing. My top teeth are double banded over and under the wire. This gap hasn’t been closing for like two months now. What’s the deal. BR is opening. NOT. And now there are like five of us. I will get a ton of work done today. I ve got to start taking this time to myself more often. Sometimes a person needs to get their shit together.


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