this isn’t a movie

zMaking History.

Making History.

I had class last night, and really…i was way too over joyed to blog on tuesday night.  I sat with Sean, Tracie, and Maggie (via aim) watching the election and just being sooooo happy.  My God.  How amazing it is to be an American? God Bless America….land that I love.  We have a black president.  All I can think is how powerful an image that is.  I kept saying to people yesterday, “This isn’t a Chris Rock movie.  Its not a Morgan Freeman movie. Its not a Fox TV show…its real life.  We are living this real life.  Its amazing.”  The elected President of the United States of America is a successful black man who is married to a successful black woman and have beautiful black daughters.   What that image is and means to the black community is incredible and nearly indescribable.  I had class last night and didn’t have time to hit the news stand.  Thank goodness for Gawker who provided me with the collage above.  I am so in love with this country right now.


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