sorry about that random post from earlier.  i was just sitting at my computer and i was supposed to be working, and we all know how that goes (down the tubes). Not that I didn’t stay until 5:45pm working…kind of.  I came up with some great ideas at the end of the day, and I wrote them out on stickies! yeah! its as good as lesson planning.  not really.  But whateves…Let me tell you about my weekend!  Or at least Sunday.  Its the beginning of the Advent Season! YEA!! I went to a brand new church on Sunday.  not that it was newly built, but it was new to me.  there are three…count ’em THREE Catholic Churches in my neighborhood that have a largely black congregation! granted, everyone’s a little older, but they have children and there are some younger (not my age, but you know) members!  It was such a beautiful service!  BEAUTIFUL! and advent is the season leading up to the celebration of the birth of Christ, and so the first Sunday is to prepare us for a season of loving others as much as we love Christ and ourselves.  The season for loving others.  How beautiful is that?  I should write that on my hand so that I remember it. I am definitely going to be attending this church for a while.

After church I went to Target and blew the money that I should have spent on AAA on sweaters.  Now there are priorities for you.  Its cold! So….Sean and I went to lunch and I heard the sonic boom of the space shuttle re-entering the atmosphere.  CRAZY!  We had a really good weekend together.  Like, the best we’ve had in the longest time.  We didn’t drive each other crazy, and we were able to be our petulant selves towards one another.  He taught (or tried to teach) me how to shoot a basketball. he found me a copy of Lean on Me to rent for work.  we finished watching season 2 of 30 rock. he played video games while I worked…and then we ate apple pie (from claimjumpers) ala mode.  DELICIOUS! my goodness….you know what I realized as I was attempting to not fall over in yoga tonight?  a) that if I don’t do yoga as much as possible, I will fall over every time  and b) yoga does not burn enough calories to make eating three peices (in 6 days) of death by chocolate cake or 3 peices (in two days) of apple pie ala mode a regular occurence.  No wonder those yogis are all about wheatgrass and whole foods.  I’m just sayin.  Goodness…can I go get some pie?  No I will say no.  I will say yes to a shower and bed.  Sleep well.


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