Winter Vacation Review and Happy New Year


I’m tying together two entries because the first winter vacation entry i wrote was eaten by my blackberry and its also the first day into the New Year.  Some have created a sort of grey area between the official New Year and the inauguration of Barack Obama as the beginning of the New Year…the beginning of the 21st century, so maybe I’m in the clear.

Winter vacation at home was awesome.  I think this is the first year where it felt just great to be home.  I flew into Seattle between two snow storms and left as soon as it started to warm up.  I think this was good “planning” on my part, being that hundreds of people had their flights delayed or cancelled, and I missed all of that drama. I managed to have my own drama hours before my plane took off (I lost my keys, which were eventually found at the bottom of a garbage can) and while at home (issues with the roomies about sean having my keys, which resulted in sean’s keys being inadvertently overnighted to FW and my keys remaining in Los Angeles, and him being without access to his home…sigh), but at least I wasn’t stuck in an airport or in Los Angeles.  None of my plans were disrupted and every moment I spent with my parents added wonderful years to my life.  I rested and watched a zillion children’s movies and hung out with my girl, Dee Dee.  I got the most fabulous gifts as well!

Snow storm of winter 2008

Snow storm of winter 2008

Deanna and Santa, December 2008

Deanna and Santa, December 2008

Me, Hairy Potter, and Dee

Me, Hairy Potter, and Dee

I spent NYE and New Years Day redecorating my room.  My  parents gave me $200 in Visa gift cards, and I  put them to good use at Target and Home Depot.  I got rid of two book shelves, put most of my books in storage containers under my bed, took down the long white shelves that the previous tenant left up (they were too low and too ugly), and sealed the MANY large holes that she’d drilled into the walls in effort to put up the shelves.  Sean, my hero, got in on the action and drilled the holes and installed the brackets that hold up blinds  and fixed the table leg that was broken by a roommate during a night of relaxation.  The living room is a little bare, but I’m not there often.  The rest of the evening was spent hanging out  in his place due to the mess at mine, and watching the original Batman.  We fell asleep just before midnight.  Today we had breakfast at the Overland cafe, bought me a new Ipod, and I finished putting everything together.  Here are the photos.

Sean hard at work.

Sean hard at work.

cranberry and cream.

note the matching color motif: cranberry and cream. I even have cream colored flannel sheets on my bed!

I don't believe in desks, but I do believe in coffee tables.  Note the space heater.

I don't believe in desks, but I do believe in coffee tables. Note the space heater.

Moving the bed, installing roman blinds and a new comforter cover make the whole place feel shiny and new.

Moving the bed, installing roman blinds and a new comforter cover make the whole place feel shiny and new.

So phase one is done!  I am so excited! I actually have a bedroom I want to be in now.  No more ugly brown fabric just thrown over my windows.  No more piss poor quality blinds that were installed previously.  I took all that down and threw it in the back of my storage closet to be returned at the time of my absence. I’m handy with a spackling knife, so the wholes from these blinds won’t be a problem when I leave.  I finally feel at home!  The next phase will develop over the new few weeks as I select photos  and art with which to cover my walls. I am so happy on this new year!  I hope you are too!

I can’t really remember if I set any goals at the beginning of 2008, but I’ve accomplished sooo much that I am so proud of.  Let’s see if I can remember:

January: I was in Jamaica for New Years.  In Los Angeles I was still dating Nick.

February: Broke up with Nick, and felt refreshed and renewed.

April- My birthday month!

May- Met the tenant who wanted to lease me her room.

June- moved to Leimert!

July- went home for a vacation, and returned from Home to Sean!

August- Fell head over heels for Sean.

September- started work, started school (this is the last time I attend LMU, I swear).

October- paid off my braces, had my braces removed!

November- paid off my car- I am now one of the few folks in America who own their car.

December- Took an amazing trip home for winter vacation and remodeled my room.

I am so blessed in a 1000 ways.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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