The Tasty Bits


Today was a fabulous day. Just fabulous.  I like waking up next to Sean.  I think that I probably do struggle sleeping next to Sean, but at least I dream, which tells me that I am getting rest.  I’ve slept over at his place every night for two weeks straight.  We woke up in time for brunch.  After a phone call from Denise-during which we re-confirmed our friendship, which was almost lost as a result of the truth that does not lie with our fearless leader- Sean and I planned to go the Overland Cafe for breakfast.  As Amanda has explained to me many times before, brunch in Culver City is impossible on the weekends, whether it be at 9am or 12 noon.  We just shot right past when we saw the line of people waiting outside for a table.  And this is not a tiny place.  We instead headed to the MarVista Farmer’s Market.  Sean’s mentor and close friend deejays there twice a month (i think its the second and third sunday).  He’s really good.  REALLY GOOD.  It was soooooo cool seeing people come up to him and just praise him and tell him how great the music sounded.  He hadn’t deejayed there in the month of December, and the other deejays are piss poor, so all the vendors were glad he was there.   We got fresh squeezed lemonade- two large orders- for two dollars…total…because we’re friends with the DJ.  It was just a beautiful day in LA.  The sun was high, the air was warm, people were out and about.  We stayed there until it closed.  I spent so much time eating (greek scramble: chicken sausage with tomatoes, spinach, and feta) enjoying the music, emailing Denise and my friend Jeannie, and being warm, that when I looked up, the vendors were packing to leave.  I barely got some goat cheese, indian egg plants (which are small and cute), and cucumbers.  I told Sean that I absolutely loved this day.  After the farmer’s market I went and picked up Maggie’s birthday gift, and we spent some time with Sean’s mentor and his girlfriend.  I love seeing examples of how others live and decorate.  I like hanging out with people, though sometimes I just don’t have much to say.  Everyone’s so in to art, and I can have an opinion, and I definitely want to start buying some peices for my newly remodeled room.  That will be my contribution to the economy.  I also picked up this amazing lip balm that is made with organic ingredients (Wild crafted Shea Butter from Senegal, Coco Butter, Wild crafted Beeswax, Hempseed, Carrot, Avocado and Macadamia Nut Oils, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Vitamin E, Grapefruit Essential Oil and LOVE!) and is blended in a way that feels 1000 times better then any of the lip balms I’ve tried in the past.  There is no wax residue or drying agent…its just amazing.  I took all my other lip glosses out of my bag.

I’m just super relaxed right now.  I have a ton going on at work, and I’ve definitely becoming more comfortable with expressing what I need and what I see, which is helping me to have a feeling a contentment with the profession I have chosen.  I feel like doing this for 10 years won’t be a problem and is a possibility.  In May, I will have done it for six years (can you believe that!) and I still have so much more to learn.

I imported from blogger my food blog: The Tasty Bits.  I’m cultivating my interests and really honoring them by actually participating in them: food, yoga, elipticalling it, and reading short stories/articles.  Here’s the link:  I’ll add a link to the side.  I’m still journaling privately, but lately I’ve been having these thoughts and wanting to share them with an audience, so I figured, why not blog more.  Hugs.


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