is it entirely healthy for me, a single woman who doesn’t even have a pet rock, to have the urge to subscribe to blogs about raising healthy, happy children? I blame the NYTIMES, who had a link to a blog that had an article about the buying power of the mom dollar (my lingo, not theirs). I have no children. I’m just this side of interested in having children. A young woman (I say that because she’s 20) at work asked me if I wanted babies. I told her that I was thinking about it some day. She responded, “Why not? You’re boyfriend has light skin, right? Does he have colored eyes?” Oh, internalized racism/prejudice/whatever -ism it is that supports the belief that one type of member of one’s own minority group is better then the other, group ruining the self esteem and weakening minority communities everywhere. Those within the LGBTQI community included. This keeps getting brought up by the black kids in my psychology class when they talk about their family dynamics. Those kids are experiencing so much that they don’t even realize how much they know. I told them that- or something of the sort- today, and that there just wasn’t enough time in the period. I also feel that I don’t have enough knowledge or at least have not given it enough thought to make the depth of these topics truly accessible to them.


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