Fridays at Sakura and Saturdays at S&W

Our sushi course, plus miso and dumplings.

Our sushi course, plus miso and dumplings.

Friday night is usually sushi night for Sean and I.  He gets home around 8, I wake up from my nap (or dry off from my shower) and we head into culver city to our favorite sushi spot, Sakura.  Sakura, Japanese for cherry blossom, is a small almost hole in the wall place on Centinela.  You barely notice the sign when you drive down Centinela, but when you go inside the restaurant, it is always bustling.  They have the smallest parking lot.   I have no idea where everyone parks, I just know that I have never not had to wait.  The place always has people in it.  Because its delicious. Sean and I used to go to Kabuki, a chain restaurant in the Howard Hughes Center, but were never really as satisfied as when we had sushi at Sakura.  We ate so much on Friday that we actually brought home two pieces of the self named roll.  With Sean, I’ve branched out beyond the rainbow roll because he doesn’t like California rolls (which is the base to the Rainbow roll).  My new favorite is Shrimp tempura. Sakura is seriously my favorite restaurant.  I’m glad the users of Citysearch Los Angeles agree with me, while the site/resturant editor did not.  I can only describe Angeleno restaurant reviewers and critics to be a little bourgeois in their tastes.

I should really plan on eating even lighter then I do on Fridays in preparation for this meal.  Usually, after a trip to Dr. Witherspoon and the gym I am famished and nosh on something light to tide me over  until 8.  I’m sure if I hadn’t, I would have tried to eat those shrimp heads.  Ew.

These are the shrimp heads from our order of Sweet Shrimp sushi.

These are the shrimp heads from our order of Sweet Shrimp sushi.

We slept in this morning and ended up going to brunch at one…so I guess that’s really lunch.  We have our regular place, S&W Country Diner in Culver City that we hit for brunch at least one day during the weekend. Sean has been going there since he was a kid.  Its also another really great, hole in the wall place that is always packed.  Culver City, home of little restaurants that are very popular.  Its only open until 3pm, 7 days a week, and take cash only.  I really like it here.  The waitresses are down to earth and I’m not sure who runs the place, but reviewer jiddle2004 was dissed for suggesting they raise the prices of  the food and hire a hostess so that the service would be efficient.  Jiddle2004, i think you sound like an ass.  I’ll write my own name down and keep my inexpensive-superb quality food, thank you very much.  Its near the Sony Studios on Washington Blvd, between Culver Blvd and Duquesne Ave across the street from Washington Mutual.  They have amazing bacon. Somewhere I even listed that as a favorite.  Oh, its also the site of my first date with Sean.  I’m glad its our regular spot.

Its not glamorous, which is why its awesome.

Its not glamorous, which is why its awesome.

Awesome interior.

Awesome interior.

I came home from lunch around 4 and took a nap until 6, and knew that i had to blog about this.  I don’t ever want to forget. Its this place, and places like at the Mar Vista Farmer’s market on Sundays that make me really happy to live in Los Angeles.  Its a reminder to me that I am living the life I want to be living.

Its much easier for me to enjoy the food of others then it is for me to enjoy food I cook.  Instead of going out to brunch, I’m cooking brunch for us.  Hmmmmm…I guess I should go grocery shopping.  I guess I should plan.  eeek.


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  1. Well, sometimes my peeps are, well, as you say. 🙂 But I was just pointing out how long the wait. Regardless, thanks for the links and the great commentary. The crowds have spoken.

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