Baja Cantina and Starbucks Banana Nut Loaf


I don’t know what it is, but I am inexplicably drawn to Starbucks Banana Nut Loaf.  It may be the banana nut combination, but I don’t know.  Its delicious, and almost always makes me wonder what its nutritional label would have on it.  Baked goods are my weakness, especially if they’re moist and soft.  Sean and I almost bought cupcakes from Hothouse cakes on Centinela, but the wait was too long (there were only two customers in front of us, but only one girl running the case  and doing the designing lettering the woman wanted on her cake) so we left without any uberly sweet goodness.  Choices like this are almost always good ones.  I have yet to taste a bakery or store bought cupcake that wasn’t disappointingly dry.  I shouldn’t judge a cupcake by past experience, and I should take each one as a chance for a new experience, but usually they’re dry and leave me with a stomach ache.  If I am going to risk the wheat stomach ache, then it better be worth it.  I think this will require some more research.  The Sensitve Baker has cupcakes without wheat, but I’m skeptical, though they’re bagels were amazing.  And 10 dollars for four.  I don’t eat wheat at home or at most restaurants that don’t offer a bread basket…but let me go to a party and there is spread and bread…well, let’s just say  had a bad stomach ache after yesterday’s baby shower.  There was olive bread! and baby pitas and hummus.  I couldn’t resist.  I would make a comment about how I don’t need to pretend to eat  wheat by replacing wheat products with an expensive substitute…but clearly I should.  Either that or go off it all together.  I could just say no and mean it, right?

We had lunch today at Baja Cantina on Washington Blvd and Dell in, I guess what is Marina Del Rey, but some call Venice.  We’ve had lunch here once before, and its a spot from Sean’s childhood.  Its valet only, which I like much better then trying to find a spot on the street. You walk in and immediately see a woman making fresh tortillas, which will eventually become the chips they bring to the table.  I like that their guacomole is quality, not some green mush from a bag.  I ordered the Mexican Salad, which had both chicken and steak on  bed of lettuce, bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes in a flour tortilla bowl and guacomole, sour cream, and vinargarette to garnish.  I had the guacomole, sour cream and dressing placed on the side, but thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the salad. I’m plain.  As long as the lettuce is fresh, and the meat is quality I don’t need much else to be happy.  I don’t ever eat the flour bowl, but you can’t mess that up.  Sean ordered the steak fajitas which were tender and sizzling when they brought out the skillet.  They have really good beans and rice- whole black beans instead of refried pinto beans- that have been consistently good and leave no odd after taste.   They even had decent lemonade.  It does the job for mexican food that is quality.

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