Yeah, Babies!

Mollie, Lindsey, and Me at Mols baby shower 01/24/2009.

Mollie, Lindsey, and Me at Mols baby shower 01/24/2009.

A good number of my friends are having or have had babies.  Deanna is pregnant with her second child (I believe it will be a girl), Amy just had twins (increasing her brood from one to three), Jen just had Sam, Monica had her little girl a few months ago, Sarah has Ben (whom I think is 3), Jenny Rivera had her second two years ago (Joaquin), Beth had twins last year, and Meredith had Ryley about two years ago also.  This doesn’t even include my students who have or will be having babies (three students in total) or the girls (and their boyfriends) I’ve known who have been having babie since high school.  Babies are not in my immediate future (though I’d love for them to be in my plans), but its fun to see and know all of these pregnant women.

Yesterday was the baby shower for Mollie and Kirk.  It was small and intimate (with about 7 of us there) but it was really nice.  The way things are nice when you have a budget and friends who care.  Her sister in law, Anne, and great friend, Meredith, hosted the party, while her other good friend, Sissi, was in charge of coordinating the games, party favors, and gifts.   They did a really good job, and it wasn’t over the top, just fun.   It was fun to catch up with people whom I haven’t seen or talked to in awhile, but with whom I have different types of conversations- ones that aren’t dominated by work and tales of that sort.  It was a mixed crowd of mothers/non mothers, but all of us were young women, who were educated and had this positive outlook on life.  Sometimes I don’t want to talk about work, or the issues plaguing my/students in Watts, or the issues some teacher on campus is going through, or how we need to be socially/morally/ethically responsible about something or other.  Sometimes I just want to enjoy this new life that I’ve grown into.

I’ve realized that I’ve learned a lot in hindsight.  Especially about people.  Mollie, Lindsay, Sissi.  The more I learn about myself, the more I’m realizing what I didn’t know about others.  I get caught up in the comparison, “the grass is greener over there…but I don’t know where ‘there’ is” kind of thought pattern (depression can be quite ego centric in a bass-ackward kind of perspective).   I am also entirely too influenced by the opinions of others that I can let it cloud my the development of my own thoughts and opinions.

Sean and I went to Trader Joe’s this afternoon.  That place was packed, as usual for a Sunday.  There was a beautiful little girl sitting in the seat area of the basket, and I waved to her as I was midconversation with Sean about salt.  I saw her go to smile, then looked over at Sean (who was no where near me) and really smiled.  So, I said, “what…hey, I smiled at her…and she smiles at you?  I am such baby repelent” which made people around me laugh.  I keep working on not going all Tina Fey on 30 Rock on the world.  I’m only 27…and not even engaged…so no baby craze for me.

Now I must decide, do I do work or do I play a video game?  HMMMMMM…


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